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A BETTER deal on Mustang shop, service, repair manuals, owner's manuals, performance guides, history books. 206721-3077, 888-380-9277, WA;**15-

A GREAT find! All your Mustang manuals and literature with one free call, best service, best selection, best price. Faxon's, 800-458-2734, 7 am-6 pm PDT, US and Canada; **31-YR**

A/C specialist, heater cores & valves, compressor conversion kits, high-performance condensers, driers, switches, electric radiator fan kits, blower motors, evaporators, expansion valves, high-performance aluminum radiators. Old Air Products, 8744 Forum Way, Fort Worth, TX 76140, 817531-2665, FAX: 817-531-3257; [email protected];

AIR cleaners, shakers, heat shields, snorkels, S-tubes, lift hooks, smog pulleys, brackets, etc, for Mustang Shelbys, Boss 302, Boss 351, 428 CJ, Boss 429, 429 CJ, 390 GT, 427s, To-rinos, Cougars, credit cards. Factory Muscle Parts, 352-5832212, Tampa, FL; [email protected] **10-YR**

ALL parts in stock! Brakes, suspension, engine parts, fuel and water pumps, carburetors and kits, clutches, motor mounts, wheel bearings, seals, shocks, springs, U-joints, auto transmission kits, exhaust and more from 1930-86, all covered by our exclusive lifetime limited warranty, free catalog, call today. Kanter Auto Products, 800-526-1096, NJ;; W615-HMGM ALWAYS 1,000s used, NOS, finest quality reproduction parts available, many reconditioned parts done; Dayto-na Mustang Restoration Parts is now ready to help you with your new and used parts needs; Visa, MC, PayPal accepted. Tom, 386-576-7009, FL; 516-848-4093, NY; [email protected]; **25-YR**

ARIZONA'S largest antique & classic salvage yard has grown even bigger; pack a lunch and bring even more time to visit two locations serving the hobby; browse over 8,000 donor and project cars nestled among a combined 100+ acres; fresh inventory daily; rust-free body panels cut to your specifications, knowledgeable staff and worldwide professional shipping department; make your restoration a positive one; buy directly from the source. Desert Valley Auto, 23811 N 7th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85085, PH: 800-905-8024 toll-free; FAX: 623-5829141; see our cars, parts and locations on the web at: **19-YR**

AUTOLITE, FoMoCo spark plug wire sets reproduced featuring all correct sleeving, boot markings and colors, date coding of wires where applicable, all components are from Ford original suppliers, V8 cars, $45; MC, Visa accepted. Marti Auto Works, 12007 W Peoria, El Mirage, AZ 85335, PH: 623-935-2558, FAX: 623-935-2579;

AUTOLITE, FoMoCo, Motorcraft battery cables, 64-1/273 accurate reproduction cables that have Ford licensing, p/ns ink stamped on wire like originals, components from original Ford suppliers, $25 individually, $55 set (pos, neg, starter); ground straps, $10; MC, Visa. Marti Auto Works, 12007 W Peoria, El Mirage, AZ 85335, PH: 623-935-2558, FAX: 623-935-2579; AUTOLITE, FoMoCo, radiator hoses, fan belts, rubber gas line and now correct grooved heater hose, made per original spec drawings, these items all carry Ford licensing, hoses have all correct markings and wire clamps stapled to the hose just like the originals on appropriate years, belts come complete with markings and date codes appropriate for your vehicle, $17-$20; MC, Visa. Marti Auto Works, 12007 W Peoria, El Mirage, AZ 85335, PH: 623-935-2558, FAX: 623-935-2579; AUTOMATIC transmission parts, 1946 to date, master kits, reseal kits, hard parts, repair books. Fatsco Transmission Parts, 800-524-0485, NJ; BABBITT bearings, engine rebuilding; see ad in Services Offered. Aldrich Engine Rebuilding, 352 River Rd (Rt 32), Willington, CT 06279-1309, 860-429-3111; email: [email protected];




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