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69-70 PARTS: Drag-Pack gear reducer speedo cable, new, $149; 70 NOS sport mirrors, pair; restored rim blow steering wheels, rim blow horn switches available; 70 standard black two-spoke steering wheels, restored; NOS outside chrome door handles, pair; 69 4-speed shifter, 69 4-speed backup light switch; 70 Hurst lock-out rod, 428 CJ smog set-up; 70 Boss 302 smog set-up, 70 Hurst knob; 69-70 boomerang chrome molding, 428 CJ snorkel, 428 CJ heat shield with brackets, 428 CJ S-tube; 69-70 door sill trim plates; 70 Mach I tach a/c underdash wiring harness, NOS backup lights; 70 NOS Boss 302 fan shroud, rev limiter, 70 NOS Mach I front grille, $275; CJ fuel pump, Boss 302 fuel pump, restored AM-FM radios, Space Saver inflator canisters, 70 NOS chrome taillight bezels, NOS gas caps, 390 GT exhaust manifolds, 428 CJ exhaust manifolds, NOS twist locks, Boss 302 snorkel, Boss 429 snorkel, 70 NOS hood molding, Boss 302 distributor, 4-speed shifter lower boots, fuel pumps, 428 CJ distributors, rebuilt; under-dash tach wiring harness, plus the best available rim blow steering wheels restored, we can also restore your wheel, plus hundreds and hundreds of other hard to find Ford Mustang and Shelby parts available, please give us a call. Bill Hern-don's Pony Warehouse, 919-435-0396, NC; email: [email protected]

PLASTIC chrome instrument bezel restoration for 1969-70 Mustangs and others, full instrument restoration service for all models., 2125 Virginia Ave, Col-linsville, VA 24078, 276-647-5550. **10-YR** POWER steering: Rode's has now reproduced & has available 65-66 Mustang steering parts: V8 control valve assemblies with NOS Bendix valves, $325; new forged or welded original C5ZZ3304-D V8 center links, $130; a/c power steering pump cans, $65; complete assembly, $125; all the lower hose brackets with rubber blocks, $35 ea; C7ZZ3494-B pressure hose, $45; 289 67-68 3C511, $45; 65-66 6-cyl 3C511 isolation brackets, $35 ea; call the leader! Rode's Restoration, 419-468-5182, OH. POWER steering, 64-73 Mustang components serviced: control valves, $85; pumps, $45; slave cylinders, $25 or $75 rewelded w/new rod; steer gears, $125 (extra $25 per major part repaired); Rode's uses OEM spec parts, 1-yr guarantee, 1 or 2-day turnaround, complete ps kits, $700 to $850; OEM correct 65-66, $975; Rode's American made parts: hose & pump brackets, $35, $45; return hoses, 65-68, $20; 57-77 control valve sockets, $75-$130; control valve caps, $15; call the leader! Rode's Restoration, 1406 Lohr Rd, Galion, OH 44833, PH: 419-4685182, FAX: 419-462-1753; email: [email protected];

POWER steering gearboxes remanufactured; also manual gearboxes, control valves, cylinders and pumps, over 200,000 sold; limited lifetime warranty. Lares Manufacturing, 800-888-3975, MN;

RADIO: convert original radio to modern AM-FM stereo! Leading authorized dealer, see ad in Services section. Tayman Electrical, 4411 Bee Ridge Rd, PMB #618, Sarasota, FL 34233, PH: 941-371-8924; stereo products & accessories available online at:

RADIO reconditioning, we offer sales and service; AM-FMs, AM/8-tracks and AM radios; we have lots of cores available in stock, call today; MC, Visa. Bill Herndon's Pony Warehouse, 919-435-0396, NC; email: [email protected]

RADIOS: AM-FM stereo conversions/restorations by NJ Antique Auto Radio, all brands. 856-728-1293, 800-7437643, PIN 27; [email protected] RADIO restorations, FM stereo conversions, 180 watts, 1946-1975; look for me at Spring Carlisle F115-117. Mike Hagan Antique Radio Repair, 235 Glouster Rd, Fairless Hills, PA 19030, 215-547-7145; REARS, 8", 9" rebuilt Ford centers, housings, axles 2831 spline, new 8" Trac-Lok centers, 3.00, 3.25, 3.55, 3.80, 4.11; 9" housings, 65-66 Mustang with step tubes; new 31 spline axles for 65-66, 67-70 Mustang, 66-69 Fairlane, Torino, Cyclone; also many Toploader 4-spds in stock, Mustang, Torino, kit car applications. GTP, Gary, 800-2959605, NY; [email protected]

RESTORATION: RMR Restorations Inc, Hollis, NH (one hour north of Boston). Why wait? Get your vehicle ready for the season. Are you thinking of paint and bodywork or mechanical? Give us a call today if you have questions on your classic or street rod, no job is too small or too big; frame-off restoration our specialty; complete service in metal fabrication, body or frame, unibody included. Bob Ryan, 603-4657270 days, 603-305-8286 evenings or weekends, NH;

RESTORATIONS. Hullco Layton Garage, Restorations and Repairs, 973-948-4380, Layton, NJ;

RESTORATION: show quality body and paint work, see ad in Services Offered under restoration. Precision Auto Restorations, 610-789-2271, PA.

SEAT belts for most Mustangs; retractable and non-retractable, plus retrofit kits. Andover Restraints, 410705-1503, MD; email: [email protected]; website:

SELL, buy, trade shakers, air cleaner, Ram Air engine parts, intakes, etc. Factory Muscle Parts, 352-583-2212, Tampa, FL; [email protected] **10-YR**

See Ad Forms on Pages 100-101 of this Issue.

SHAKERS, air cleaners, restored, detailed, ready to install; we also restore, detail your system or parts, credit cards. Factory Muscle Parts, 352-583-2212, Tampa, FL; [email protected] **10-YR** SHELBY speedo/tach conversion to show quality, instrument cluster restoration and repair, low prices, quick turnaround and guaranteed satisfaction., 2125 Virginia Ave, Collinsville, VA 24078, 276-647-5550. **10-YR**

SHELBY parts: 66 NOS grille, NOS export brace; 67 underdash wiring harness, Lucas lights; 68-70 NOS taillight lenses and bezels, hi-po distributor; 68 Shelby console, fuel pumps; 67 NOS GT 500 gas cap; 67 GT 500 fan; 67-68 4-speed shifter and backup light switch; 65-66 4-speed shifter and backup light switch; 67 taillight lenses, NOS backup lights, AM-FM radios; 69-70 Shelby parking light assemblies; 68 KR snorkel; 67-68 GT 500 exhaust manifolds, 428 CJ snorkel, S-tube and heat shield, rebuilt distributors, restored seat belts, shoulder harness, 68-69-70 Shelby steering wheels restored, NOS Lucas lights and covers; plus hundreds of other Shelby Mustang Ford hard to find parts available, please call. Bill Hern-don's Pony Warehouse, 919-435-0396, NC; email: [email protected]

SHELBY parts: 66 real wood Shelby steering wheels, restored seat belts; 67 underdash gauges, 68-69-70 Lucas lights and covers, shoulder harness; 67 Shelby steering wheel; 68 Shelby steering wheel, restored and complete; 69-70 Shelby steering wheel restored and complete, these wheels are the best available in the business, call the professionals. Bill Herndon's Pony Warehouse, 919-435-0396, NC; email: [email protected]

SHELBY parts: 68 GT 500KR air cleaner, snorkel, S-tube and heat shield; 68 KR 4-speed carb, 4-speed shifter; 66 Shelby real wood steering wheel; 67 Shelby shoulder harness; 67 Shelby real wood steering wheel, 67 Shelby underdash gauges, Shelby dash tach cluster; 69-70 GT 500 air cleaner, snorkel, S-tube and heat shield; 68 KR distributor; 69-70 GT 500 distributor; 67 GT 500 distributor; 65-66 Shelby hi-po distributor; 69-70 Shelby console ashtray with ring, plus hundreds of other hard to find parts available, please call. Bill Hern-don's Pony Warehouse, 919-435-0396, NC; email: [email protected]

SHELBY parts: 2010 GT 500 Kona blue hood, suspension components, front brake components, supercharger and intake components, 3.55 ring & pinion, 6-speed shifter, cat-back exhaust, all new take-off parts; Tom, 320-395-0101, twin cities area, MN.

SMOG systems, detailed, ready to install, Boss 302, 428 CJ, Boss 429, 429 CJ, 390 GT, credit cards. Factory Muscle Parts, 352-583-2212, Tampa, FL; [email protected] **10-YR**

SPEEDOMETER, 1991-1998 Mustang odometer repair, quality work, quick turnaround. Overseas Speedometer, 100 Wallis Dr, Austin, TX 78746, 800-444-0292;

SPRINGS, leaf and coil, shackles, bushings, U-bolts and most attaching parts, manufactured to OEM specs or custom design. Eaton Detroit Spring Inc, 1555 Michigan, Detroit, MI 48216, PH: 313-963-3839, FAX: 313-963-7047; **16-YR**

STEERING gearboxes remanufactured, power and manual, also control valves, cylinders and pumps, over 200,000 sold; limited lifetime warranty. Lares Manufacturing, 800-555-0896, MN; **16-YR**

STEERING gearboxes remanufactured, power and manual, also control valves, cylinders and pumps, over 200,000 sold; limited lifetime warranty. Lares Manufacturing, 800-555-0896, MN;

STEERING wheels: sales and reconditioning services, show quality, 65-73 Mustang and Shelby, we do it all, we can restore your wheel or you can buy one of our wheels, if you are looking for the best, now you have found us; woodgrain, standard, colored, rim blow or real wood, we can do them all. Ship to: Bill Herndon's Pony Warehouse, 2028 Monthaven Dr, Wake Forest, NC 27587, 919-4350396; email: [email protected]

STEERING wheel restoration: specializing in wood-

I grain wheels and rim blow, 1965-up, satisfaction ■ guaranteed. Gary's Steering Wheel Restorations, 1 ^717-243-5646, PA;

STRIPE kits, any decal, any Mustang, any year! 800-9414550, AZ; **20-YR** SUSPENSION parts/coil springs: chassis parts & kits (ball joints, tie rod ends, control arms, shaft kits, bushings, idler arms, etc), coil springs, shackle kits, bushings (rubber & poly), U-bolts; top quality, USA made! Also speedometer cables. ESPO Springs 'n Things, 800-903-9019, 570-6729413, PA;

SUSPENSION coil springs, 1934-2007, standard, custom made. Coil Spring Specialties LLC, PO Box G, 632 W Bertrand, St Mary's, KS 66536, 785-437-2025, FAX: 785437-2266; [email protected];

Manufacturer of new 4-Speed Toploaders and parts.

Toploader Transmissions, Inc

Call Us Toll Free 877-276-8081

or visit our comprehensive website

WIRING harnesses, reconditioned, restored originals, we do sales and services on all types of wiring for your 65-73 Mustang or Shelby; lots of cores in stock. Bill Herndon's Pony Warehouse, 919-4350396, NC; email: [email protected]

468-6571, Payson, AZ; email for pictures or more info: [email protected]

T-BIRD: 1955, red with black interior, soft top only, last time driven 1991, excellent running condition with 3-speed with overdrive, power seat, $25,000 obo; call for more information. Bert, 508-641-4514, MA. THUNDERBIRD: 1955, exceptional rust-free California T-Bird, finished in Thunderbird blue (turquoise), options include power steering, power windows, power seat, engine dress-up kit and trunk light, everything is in beautiful condition with the exception of the paint, which is very nice driver quality, the mileage shows 56,800 and believed to be original as this beauty looks and drives great, $28,500. 818-992-7219, CA; photos:

TRANSMISSION parts, automatic, 1946 to date, master kits, reseal kits, hard parts, repair books. Fatsco Transmission Parts, 800-524-0485, NJ; TRANSMISSIONS, Ford RUG Toploader, T-10, T-5, Tremec; we do them all, outright or trades accepted; rebuild kits, gears, parts, rebuilding service, free shipping container, call to arrange. Dave Reed, 203-631-0651, 203-265-6888, CT.

TRANSMISSIONS remanufactured, Toploader, Borg-Warner, etc, restoration to racing; also parts; buying transmissions and gears. Mike Miles, 262-373-1607, WI; [email protected] **6-YR** TRANSMISSIONS and rear ends: Toploaders, T-10s, Dagenhams, 3-speeds, bellhousings, flywheels, 8-inch rears, 9-inch rears, posis. 559-784-7809, CA; [email protected]**22-YR**

^TRANSMISSION parts and kits for any 1964-81^ I Mustang, automatic and standard shift, flywheels I ® available; also clutches, pressure plates, throw-out ®

I bearings. Northwest Transmission Parts, 937-442- ■ 2811, 800-327-1955, OH; [email protected]; I ^ **26-YR**

TRANSMISSIONS: T-5, T-10, Toploader overhaul kits, parts, service; T-5 5.0 style with upgrade gear set, $750 Tremec. Larry, D&L Transmission, 631-351-4837, NY **20-YR**

Thunderbird 1955, 292 ci V8, 4-speed manual, yellow with yellow and black interior, black hardtop and black soft top included, fresh interior and trim, stainless excellent, custom chrome wire wheels, very solid car, $28,500. Chris, 605-201-2109, SD.

THUNDERBIRD: 1955, red with red and white interior, this car has power windows, power seat, power steering, power brakes; excellent original California car, for $29,500. Gullwing Motor Cars Inc, 718-545-0500, FAX: 718-5451308, NY; THUNDERBIRD: 1955, golden rod yellow, restored California car, now 12-volt with improved 4-barrel carb, hard and soft tops plus wire and original wheels, $40,000 insured value, for sale $30,000. John, 775-782-8291, NV; [email protected]

T-BIRD: 1955, with hardtop, frame-off restoration, must sell, $30,000 or best offer. 970-222-4975, CO.

THUNDERBIRD: 1955, automatic, white, red, white interior, restored, $32,900. Black Tie Classics, 888-590-2747; 500+ muscle/classics: THUNDERBIRD: 1955, correct body-off restoration, Thunderbird blue, both tops, black soft, 1,200 miles, wwsw, skirts, new or rebuilt everything, needs nothing, cheap, $36,900. 952-475-1335, MN; **29-

THUNDERBIRDS: 1956s, 12 to choose, majority professional restorations; colors: colonial white/red-white interior, peacock blues (turquoise), raven black/red & white interior, sunset coral, torch reds, Thunderbird metallic gray/red-white interior, fiesta red, rare goldenglow yellow. 972-931-3357, Dallas, TX; detailed pictures:

THUNDERBIRD: 1956, buckskin tan exterior, brown & white interior, rolling frame body, missing parts, no engine, no transmission, very good body, needs restoration, price $10,000. Hill's Automotive Classic Car Restoration & Parts Inc, 29625 Bashan Rd, Racine, OH 45771, PH: 740-9492217, FAX: 740-949-1957; [email protected]; website:

THUNDERBIRD: 1956, body metal work done, frame rebuilt, engine and transmission rebuilt, price $15,000. Marvin Hill's Automotive Classic Car Restoration & Parts Inc, 29625 Bashan Rd, Racine, OH 45771, PH: 740-949-2217, FAX: 740-949-1957; [email protected]; website:

THUNDERBIRD: 1956, colonial white, blue int, 312 V8, 3-speed, stored indoors 20 years, good condition, $24,000, negotiable. 310-457-5264, CA.

THUNDERBIRD: 1956, white with black removable porthole top, continental kit, chrome wire wheels, automatic, 312 V8, $30,500 obo. 585-747-2384, NY; [email protected]

T-BIRD: 1956, 100% complete and all original, older restoration, runs & drives great, auto, peacock blue with matching interior, less than 5K on new 312 engine, new white soft top only, good title, some extra parts, $30,500 obo. 607-733-5228, NY.

THUNDERBIRDS: 1956 & 57, solid, good rolling frame only, price $3,500 each. Hill's Automotive Classic Car Restoration & Parts Inc, 29625 Bashan Rd, Racine, OH 45771, PH: 740-949-2217, FAX: 740-949-1957; [email protected]; website: THUNDERBIRD: 1956, white exterior, brown & white interior, older body-off restoration, automatic transmission, power steering, power brakes, power windows, dress-up kit, skirts, white porthole top, wire wheels, whitewall tires, good driver, price $38,000. Marvin Hill's Automotive Classic Car Restoration & Parts Inc, 29625 Bashan Rd, Racine, OH 45771, PH: 740-949-2217, FAX: 740-949-1957; [email protected]; website: THUNDERBIRD: 1956, 312 automatic, ps, pb, raven black, black/white, wire wheels, $42,900. Black Tie Classics, 888-590-2747; 500+ muscle/classics:

Thunderbird 1955, perfect, extensive professional body-off restoration to original standards, fresh; black, black/white interior, automatic, power steering, windows; black hardtop, extremely reliable, new/rebuilt chassis, drivetrain; California no rust, flawless baby bird, $39,000. 714-848-9255, CA. **36-YR**

WANTED: 1967 Shelby steering wheel and under dash gauges, also original Magstar wheels. 856-829-3793, NJ.

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