Mercedesbenz Parts

A GREAT find! Your Mercedes manuals and literature with one free call, best service, best selection, best price. Faxon's, 800-458-2734, 7 am-6 pm PDT, US and Canada. **31-YR**

A BEST source for all Grand Mercedes 600 (64-72) cars and parts, body, engine, accessories, hydraulics, same-day replacement service of all steel and flex lines, switches, pistons, pumps, accumulators, chrome trim, bumpers, glass, you name it, 14 completely gutted parts cars. 715-8485443, WI;

A BE^ER deal on Mercedes-Benz shop, service, repair manuals, owner's manuals, parts manuals, history books. 206-721-3077, 888-380-9277, WA; **15-YR**

A, B, and coupe, 1949-1955 220 cabriolets: large collection NOS/used parts, stainless steel welting between body and fenders, brake cylinders, oil pumps, knitted wool headliners, glass fog lenses, clutch plates/discs, water pump bearings and seals, side view mirrors, manuals, parts catalogs, etc; also 300S parts; pre-retirement sale. Bob, 310-801-1443, CA; email: [email protected]; cabs and coupes in stock for sale, visit: **30-YR**

A GREAT find: Model 113 230SL parts car, bumpers, doors, hood, trunk, seats, windshield, taillights, red with cracks, grille, all used, convertible top frame. 410-5264495, MD.

A 107 PARTS car, hood, fenders, bumpers, doors, lenses, soft top, hardtop, used and new. 701-484-1107, MD;

Superior Precision UnderThe Hood

We know that there are no shortcuts to achieving excellence in the remanufaoturing ofan engine built to the standards of Meicedesienz.

We combine OEM parrs with our stringent factory specifications to satisfy the expectations of the Me'cedes-Benz enthusiast.


W, JNC ■ Exchange Engines «»fv*— for Mercedes-Benz Cars

e-mail: [email protected]

ABSOLUTELY all Mercedes-Benz owner's manuals, service manuals and brochures in stock, 1950-present. TMC Publications, 6308 Deer Park Rd, Reisterstown, MD 21136, PH: 410-526-4495.

ACES Auto Parts Emporium specializing in MercedesBenz new car parts only, 1989-2009. 443-340-1745; se habla Espanol: 410-908-7014, MD. AIR suspension valves for 300SE thru 600 models, rebuilt on core exchange basis, all air suspension parts in stock including lines, hoses and air compressors. Star Motors, 1694 Union Center Hwy, Endicott, NY 13760, PH: 607-786-3918; FAX: 607-754-5112;

ALL 230, 250, 280SL parts, used, rebuilt, new, everything. SL-Tech, 207-985-3001, FAX: 207-985-3011, ME;

ALL 230, 250, 280SL questions, problems? We most likely have the answers. SL-Tech, 207-985-3001, FAX: 207-985-3011, ME; ALL Mercedes half axles rebuilt, 107, 116, 123, 126, 124, 2-year warranty, call for quote. 410-526-4495, MD.

ALLOW us to serve you by returning your beloved Mercedes of any era to factory-fresh condition; Brooklyn Motoren Werke Inc offers 35 years of experience in MercedesBenz service, restoration and recommissioning, with an emphasis on safety, reliability and performance; our many innovative products and services harmonize with factory designs to improve function, enhance performance and discreetly add modern technology to classic models; our extensive inventory of original parts and sources around the globe allow us to supply virtually any part ever offered for any Mercedes model; please call. Brooklyn Motoren Werke Inc, 608-455-7441, FAX: 608-455-7442,, Brooklyn, WI. **33-YR**

AUTOMATIC transmission kits for Mercedes, Rolls-Royce, Jaguar 1950-80, also available: bush® ings, bands, drums, clutches, pressure plates, fly- ® wheels, etc. Northwest Transmission Parts, 937-442- ■ 2811, 800-327-1955, OH; [email protected]; I ^ **26-YR**

Gullwing Automotive

For Your Vintage Mercedes WIII

European special & classic parts. Specialists in stainless steel replacement parts, lights, mirrors, chromed bumpers, chromed parts.

702.988.5049 • Fax: 702.369.5474 3261 Highland Dr #614, Las Vegas, NV

111 BODIES, 220SE, 250SE, 280SE, 300SE for parts only. 410-526-4495, MD.

BRAKES sleeved and rebuilt: masters, wheels, clutch, slave, calipers, boosters, proportioning valves and shoes relined, better than new; quick service; lifetime written warranty. White Post Restorations, One Old Car Dr, PO Drawer D, White Post, VA 22663, PH: 540-837-1140; **50-YR**

Mercedes-Benz Parts at Affordable Prices «-MSSS

Convertible Tops*

Sonnendeck S395.00

German Material S450.00

Carpet Kits*

Velour or Loop $475.00


Original ea., from . . . . $195.00 Replica ea $110.00

Dash Repair Covers

Black $99.00

Seat Covers*

Seat Pads*

Bottom Seat, ea $135.00

Backrest, ea $135.00

Floor Mats w/Star

OE MB2-plece S89.00

| Chrome Sill Plates pr $125.00

SL Rear Seat Kits

■ For 107 Models, from . . . $525.00 For 129 Models, from . . . $795.00

Hardtop Carts w/Hardtop Cover $145.00

Hardtop Hoists

Zebra Wood $69.00

Burlwood $89.00

[l Wood Console Boxes*

% Zebra Wood $175.00

^ff Burlwood $195.00

r - Wood Door Moldings

Zebra Wood $225.00

Burlwood $275.00

Wood Interior Kits*

Zebra Wood $475.00

Burlwood $525.00

Replica Chrome Wheels

15 x 7.00, (shown) ea . . . $195.00 17 x 7.50, (shown) ea . . . $250.00

Steering Wheels*

We sell parts for all other MB models and can save you money!

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