GENER-NATOR, an alternator built inside the original generator case (Delco, FoMoCo, Autolite, Model A), 6, 8 and 12-volt, positive or negative ground, 50-60 amps. 541-902-2255, OR; GLASS Depot: supplier of flat glass 1920s-1960s, also curved glass 1940-1980s; using original patterns with logos and date codes; we also supply flat dash glass 1930-1950; all T-tops, NOS, repros available from 1970-1990s; insurance claims honored. American Restorations Unlimited TA, PO Box 34, Rochelle Park,NJ 07662, PH: 201-843-3567, FAX: 201-843-3238;; email: [email protected]

GLASS: flat, teens thru 60s, reproduced from original patterns; windshields available, 50s thru 80s; quality service since 1984, call us for a quote. Vintage Glass USA, 800-889-3826, 860-872-0018, CT.

First Class Transportation for Your Prized Vehicle

Whether your prized possession is your daily driver, a vintage classic, a 60's muscle car, or a modern exotic you can depend on Passport Transport to give you the premium service it deserves. Passport has been delivering vehicles for over 40 years, has an experienced fleet of drivers and the best equipment in the industry.

Our Transporters Feature:

• Fully enclosed trailers to protectagainst road hazards andthe weather

• Liftgates for horizontal loadingto eliminate any torque stresses tothe vehicle

• Softtie wheel straps thatallow natural movement during transit

• Air-ride suspension to eliminate shocktoyourvehide

• Real-Time GPS Tracking by Blackline GPS so you know where your vehicle is anytime. (Includes online tracking interfaceand mobileapplications for Blackberry andiPhone) Formoreinformation on BlacklineGPS products and services/visit • 1.800.325.4267

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