Bill Shearman

MODEL A front frame crossmember, solid, $125. 651-6992880, MN.

MODEL A short block, serial #A 331925, sandblasted, magnafluxed, reground crank mains, .025" rods, .020" under with new babbit on mains and rods, cylinders re-bored to .060", hard valve seats, new valves, guides, springs and 2 wrench adjustable tappets with the block deck remachined, ready to run with your accessories, now just $2,112.15. At: Aldrich Engine Rebuilding, 352 River Rd, Willington, CT 06279-1309, 860-429-3111; or email: [email protected] MODEL T and A parts for sale: 5 acres of parts available from frames, front ends, rear ends, sheetmetal and millions of small parts, please call; Model T Haven restores cars. PH: 620-365-6709, KS; check us out on the web at:

MODEL T and A engines rebuilt, boring, babbitting, rods rebabbitted, magnetos recharged, transmission and rear end rebuilding. Mike and Ed Stein, 31 Gilbert Rd, Southampton, MA 01073, PH: 413-527-5129.

MODEL T parts for sale: spare tire carriers, $85; radiator shells, $85; demountable rims, $75; windshield frames, wood wheels and thousands of other parts, call for your needs; Model T Haven restores cars. PH: 620-365-6709, KS; or see pictures at: MODEL T parts: 26-27 Tudor body, $650; 26-27 pickup bed, $400; 4-ball carburetor, $150; 1923 body; 26-27 bed; 1914 pan; call for your needs. Model T Haven restores cars. PH: 620-365-6709, KS; or see pictures at:

5 MODEL T wooden coils, to highest bidder. 507-8933478, MN.

MODEL T bodies, beautiful red oak depot hack, starts at $1,900; also canopy and open express; send $2 for pictures and information to: Pleasantville Mfg Co, 5534 Centralia Hartfield Rd, DeWittville, NY 14728.

NEW Model A parts catalog, $2.50. Battlefield Antique, 5054 S Broadview, Battlefield, MO 65619, PH: 417-8827923; [email protected]

ORIGINAL Model A parts: doors, fenders, trim and hard to find pieces, reproduction catalog $2.50. Battlefield Antique, 5054 S Broadview, Battlefield, MO 65619, PH: 417882-7923; [email protected]

ORIGINAL Model A parts, large inventory, call for your needs. Clarence Howland, 1911 Briarcliff, Emporia, KS 66801, 620-342-0215 eves, 620-341-3533 days. REBUILT A shocks, one year guarantee, 36 years' experience, $55 exchange, $75 outright. Robert Paul, 34175 Truckton Rd, Yoder, CO 80864, 719-478-5102. RECONDITIONED A shocks, $85 ea; rebuilt 3-brush Powerhouse gen, $110; 5-brush Powerhouse gen w/bracket

6 cad cover, $160; rebuilt Zenith double Venturi carb, $185; rebuilt 31 side bowl carb, $275; rebuilt Zenith 3" carb, $500. John Holland, 330-483-3896, OH.

RESTORATIONS, complete, a specialty in our shop; call us now. White Post Restorations, 540-837-1140, VA; **50-YR**

RESTORATIONS. Hullco Layton Garage, Restorations & Repairs, 973-948-4380, Layton, NJ;

RESTORED A electric wipers: OD-C1, $335; HA-C1, $255; HA-C2, $245; OD-O1, $350; OD-O2, $335; OD-O3, $335; rebuilt A vacuum wipers: $145-$500; restored plain outside door handles: non-locking, $55; locking, $65; decklid/trunk handles: $75-$150; 28 T-shaped, $110; scroll locking, $110. John Holland, 330-483-3896, OH. SEAT belts for pre-1931 Fords; retractable, non-retractable retrofits. Andover Restraints, 410-705-1503, MD; email: [email protected]; website:

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