Gmc Parts

A TEXAS recycler parting out 4,000+ classic and vintage cars and trucks, call for your classic auto needs, no part too big or small; shipping worldwide, accepting most major credit cards. CTC Auto Ranch, 800-4826199, TX; A BETTER deal on GMC shop, service, repair manuals, owner's manuals, parts manuals, history books. 206-7213077, 888-380-9277, WA; **15-YR** GAS tank restoration & repair using patented process, one million tanks completed; UPS available. See display ad in Services Offered. Gas Tank Renu, 800-997-3688, MI. GM 37-up interior mirrors, peep 3", 4", 5-1/2" long; outside full-size, 53-57, 59-62, 63-64 Impala, 70-72 pickup; plus many other GM parts. Old Car Parts, 35 4th Ave N, Algona, WA 98001, 253-833-8494. NOW available, fuel additive which contains real tetraethyl lead, add 12 oz to 16 gals of 93 octane, will boost to 99.5 leaded; you can achieve up to 103 octane with this product, only adds pennies a gallon to price of pump gas. Jack Podell, 574-232-6430, IN; more information available at: **37-YR** SPEEDOMETER, GM trucks, cars, 2003-2005, cluster repair (gauges stick, peg, inaccurate or dead). Overseas Speedometer, 800-444-0292, Austin, TX; STRIPE & decals, Diablo, Royal Knight, Conquista, Laredo, Amarillo, tailgate names. 800-941-4550, AZ; **20-YR** WINDSHIELD wiper motors rebuilt, vacuum only, 30 years of experience doing only wipers; we bought out Tricos back stock in the 1980s and have the world's largest inventory of wiper motor parts, we will clean, restore your motor using all new soft parts; 3 year warranty, thousands of our rebuilt units are out there, ask your friends or restorer; $99, $8 s&h. Ficken Wiper Service, 132 Calvert Ave, West Babylon, NY 11704, PH: 631-587-3332 M-F 9-5 EDT; **30-YR**

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