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i don't have to wonder when i order from LeBaron Honnef

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Over 100,000 Kits Sold!

Upholstery Kits Panel Sets Tops - Fabrics Carpets

Paris & Accessories

¡¡face 1(J60 LcBaron Bom icy iuis been providing award witilling interiors iiiid lops for Model A1.? and other Irord hieles spanning [hi: yvjjrs 192R-1962. We alsti offer oVct 400 models of Chevrolet and other GM vehicles UM& 62.

Contact us tnday lor a Free literature package on your A'chidc and nJso ü Free 112 page, full color 'Tarts & Acecs-


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ABC' Auto (.ipholstvry h m ptdn CuKq

1-800-221-5408 -

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