Year: 1961 Selling price:

Model: Galaxie Sunliner $13,250

Condition: Refurbished/#3 Avg. selling

Reserve: Undisclosed price: $18,000

For a car touted as having rolled a mere 50,000 miles since new, there was a history of moderate wear present, a portion of which was covered up by fresh paint four years prior to the auction, though the right door was a different shade of white than the rest of the car. No matter, as every surface was covered in heavy polish swirls, there was a dent in a fender and several chips were present around several panel edges. Additionally, the "original interior and [faded] carpet" had a funky smell; there was lots of general wear present inside as well. At least the optional engine and Cruise-O-Matic had been rebuilt, as had the brake system, for the new owner.

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