Year: 1966 Top price bid:

Model: Thunderbird Not recorded

Condition: Refurbished/#3+ Average selling

Reserve: Undisclosed price: $26,500

The fourth-generation Thunderbird is dramatic automotive sculpture, and this one was doubly so, with its "Emberglo" paint, Kelsey Hayes wire wheels and Sports Roadster tonneau cover. In fact, it was documented as the first 1966 model off the line, built with many desirable options and sent to Canada as a show car. Showing 54,463 miles, it had a few visible issues, including slightly mismatched paint and a few fiberglass cracks in the tonneau, a cracked steering wheel and very aged sill plates. The paint was nice, as were the bumpers and spotless engine bay. The top bid was not recorded, but we'd guess that the seller wanted more than the average value, considering the car's rarity.

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