Ford 1954up Parts


POWER steering gearboxes remanufactured; also manual gearboxes, control valves, cylinders and pumps, over 200,000 sold; limited lifetime warranty. Lares Manufacturing, 800-888-3975, MN;

POWER steering, 64-73 Mustang components serviced: control valves, $85; pumps, $45; slave cylinders, $25 or $75 rewelded w/new rod; steer gears, $125 (extra $25 per major part repaired); Rode's uses OEM spec parts, 1-yr guarantee, 1 or 2-day turnaround, complete ps kits, $700 to $850; OEM correct 65-66, $975; Rode's American made parts: hose & pump brackets, $35, $45; return hoses, 65-68, $20; 57-77 control valve sockets, $75-$130; control valve caps, $15; call the leader! Rode's Restoration, 1406 Lohr Rd, Galion, OH 44833, PH: 419-4685182, FAX: 419-462-1753; email: [email protected];

RADIATORS, all new copper or aluminum replacements, 49-67 Ford car radiators in stock, 48-56 Ford truck radiators in stock; repairs & recores also. Classic Radiator, 516293-2175, NY; RADIOS: Ford Fairlane, Falcon, Mustang, T-Bird, 19631973, factory originals, AM, AM-FM, stereo, fully reconditioned and guaranteed. 843-333-4949, SC; visit our online radio catalog at: RADIO: convert original radio to modern AM-FM stereo! Leading authorized dealer, see ad in Services section. Tayman Electrical, 4411 Bee Ridge Rd, PMB #618, Sarasota, FL 34233, PH: 941-371-8924; stereo products & accessories available online at:

RADIOS: AM-FM stereo conversions/restorations by | NJ Antique Auto Radio, all brands. 856-728-1293, 800-1 ^743-7643, PIN 27; [email protected]

Next deadline is Aug. 9th for the Oct. issue!


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