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Concours Quality Restoration Service loo**.*'

WOODGRAINING, quality woodgraining services for your antique, classic and hot rod; serving the West Coast and Pacific Northwest; quality 7-step process with all urethane, top of the line products, a wet sanded and buffed finish to assure top quality appearance and durability. Don, 916-683-2172, CA;

WOODGRAINING dashes, trim, door panels, garnish moldings, motorcycle gas tanks, etc; please see our restoration ad in this section. Antique & Classic Restorations, 610-767-8012, Germansville, PA; **15-YR** WOODGRAINING, hand painted for dash, garnish moldings and steel bodied woodies, reasonable rates. 713-3030883, TX; website:

WOODGRAINING: quality woodgraining services, | 9-step process with urethane, top of the line DuPont |

products; wet sanded and buffed to show quality, | worldwide shipping. PH: 618-304-0907, IL; or visit: |

52490 Old Infirmary Rd, Pleasant City, OH 43772

AUTOMOBILE tank repair kits: stop leaks instantly and permanently; repair your rusting or leaking tank with our Miracle Tank Repair Kit which includes our Miracle Epoxy Stop Leak, cleaner/degreaser, tank etch, and the only 100% ethanol/methanol proof tank sealer; there is a reason there are more Bill Hirsch Tank Repair Kits being used than all others combined, $44.00 complete kit, works on fiberglass tanks too that do not feed a 2-cycle engine. Call Bill Hirsch Automotive Products, 800-828-2061, toll-free, NJ; [email protected]

DISTRIBUTOR tester & analyzer, test & tune, buy & sell, parts, repairs, literature, Sun, Allen, Snap-On & others. 859-441-6119, 9 am-6 pm EDT, KY;

HALOGEN bulbs & sealed beams for most American cars, 6- & 12-volt, double the light of your old bulbs, nothing to change, a must if you use your car at night. Bill Hirsch, 800-828-2061, NJ.

1945 HOIST, Globe I-beam auto hoist, in working order, with original paperwork, $1,000. Ray, 732-634-9852 M-F, NJ.

DEADLINE REMINDER! Next HMN Deadline is AUGUST 9th for the OCTOBER Issue!

WOODWORKING: automotive woodworking, structural and trim, repairs and reconstruction, 21 years' experience with top restorers on Pebble Beach cars. 708-420-9232, IL; visit my recently updated website to see photos of my work:

WOODWORKING: for 36 years we've been offering the highest possible quality woodworking for any and all automotive needs, with a focus on wood-ies, and Ford 1930s (kits) other than woodie; we've rolled back our prices, get the best you can buy; let's get through this economy together, thanks. The Wood N'Carr, 562-498-8730, CA; [email protected]; **36-YR**

WOODWORKING: Oldschool Woodworks, coachwork restoration, repair and fabrication, all makes, models and customs. 432-425-5822, TX; [email protected];


ACRYLIC, enamel, lacquer paints 1904-1980; samples available, world's largest automotive paint library. Automotive Paints Ultd, 336-599-5155, NC. **30-YR** ACRYLIC lacquer auto paints, 24 colors available, just $79 gal. 732-240-6667, NJ; or visit our website at: AUTO body supplies. 732-240-6667, NJ; or visit our website at: AUTO paints: acrylic enamels, 24 colors available, start at just $35 gal. 732-240-6667, NJ; or visit our website at: AUTO hoist, made by Tow Jack, 6,000 lbs cap, the most versatile car hoist in the world, ideal for all shops or mobile service; variable work heights, double independent safety systems, totally portable, 12v battery system with charger, $4,500; will deliver within 120 miles of Ironwood, MI. Jim, 906-932-8088, MI.


on your restoration

Roller Hoop rotisserie supports the body shell within two hoops that ride on roller-bases. A Foot-operated brake system that allows you to lock in any position as you work. Quick-connect legs allow for mobility. Learn more at:

DSK ^Nf LLC 402-475-9968

BATTERY disconnects: Savety Switch®, lift lever blade for all batteries, heavy duty construction. LGB Industries, 877-639-1691 toll-free, IL; [email protected] CLEAR coat: high solids urethane clear coat with activator, just $65. 732-240-6667, NJ; or visit our website at: CONVERTIBLE top cleaning and maintenance products, restores vinyl top, dash and interior panel sheen, silicone free. 610-458-8395, PA;

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