Antique Carbs


1 BBL 2 BBL 4BBL Tri-Powers

Rebuild and Return Service s


600 CFM hand choke


Domestic Carbs From $99. 95

plus core deposit

Marine Carbs From $149. 95

plus core deposit

Import Carbs From $139. 95

plus core deposit

Carburetor Kits From $19.95 tr $69.95


Zenith or Marvel Carbs

l Rebuild and return service .

Our Quality Process includes the following:

We start with a 10 step cleaning process, casings are tumble polished or diechromated to bring the carburetor back to original finish, steel parts are zinc plated, baseplates are remachined. The unit is then assembled with a full rebuilding kit, and dyno engine tested.

Mention this ad & get FREE shipping! Toll Free: 800-634-CARB

6500 Bowden Road, Suite 300, Jacksonville, FL 32216

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