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Battery Capacity Test

We learned that while the smaller battery does have a reduced reserve capacity, it was more than capable of spinning the engine with no significant loss of cranking capacity. After 10 starts, the little D51 was spinning our engine over just as quickly at roughly 500 rpm as the larger battery. Voltage at rest after 10 starts was a decent 12.55 volts with the D51 while the larger YellowTop registered an at-rest voltage of 12.65 after the same number of starts. This means that you could run this smaller battery and not have to carry around another 18 pounds. We've also listed the specs for both batteries. As you can see, the big difference with the smaller D51 is almost half the cold cranking amps (CCA) and reserve capacity. Even though the CCA is almost half, the reason the smaller battery can crank the engine is because of the Optima's very low internal resistance that allows it to deliver a greater amount of amperage on demand than a normal lead-acid battery. The reserve capacity...

Driving The New Chevrolet Volt

Roadster and Nissan's soon-to-be-launched Leaf, can travel relatively short distances before they require recharging, which is often a long process, or replacement of the battery packs. Volt uses a different approach in trying to reduce overall emissions without compromising the freedom of long distance travel. For the first 40 to 80 km of travel, power is provided solely by a 16 kWh lithium-ion battery pack.ThisT-shaped battery pack weighs just shy of 200 kg and is mounted longitudinally along the spine of the vehicle. The batteries provide power to the 111 kW 368 N.m electric drive unit, which sends torque to the front wheels. GM engineers have calculated that the typical American motorist seldom travels more than 80 km on an average work day. Should your daily commute not exceed that distance then you can easily charge yourVolt via a regular 120V outlet or a 240V charging station either at home or at the office. Charging time is 10 to 12 hours for the 120V outlet and four hours for...

The New Honda Civic Is

Expected to be roughly the same size as the outgoing model, it will be available as both a five-door hatch and four-door sedan, though will be lighter and powered by a more efficient range of engines. A hybrid is planned, of course, which will use a new-generation lithium-ion battery pack to reduce weight and increase efficiency A new twin-clutch gearbox could be offered in place of a conventional auto. first Honda to use a lithium-ion battery pack.

Porsche Has Confirmed That Its 918

Used by the RS Spyder racer - and a pair of electric motors, with a combined output of 163kW The front wheels are driven by one electric motor, while the engine and the other motor supply the rears, which makes the 918 Spyder a four-wheel drive. It can also travel up to 25km on battery power alone. GM is underwriting its battery technology with an eight-year 160,000km warranty, which it hopes will inspire confidence in the marketplace.

Auckland Auto Trimmers Airbag Technologies Auckland Sunroof Centre Newmarket Auto Trimmers

VOLVO has announced it will put a sub-50g km. diesel-electric, plug-in hybrid version of its V60 estate into production in 2012. The Volvo V60 Plug-in Hybrid will have combined economy of 1.6L 100km. A 158kW 2.4-litre D5 turbodiesel engine powers the front wheels, while on the rear axle is a 51kW electric motor that is powered by a 12kWh lithium-ion battery pack. A six-speed automatic transmission also features. The car is capable of travelling up to 50km h on electric power alone. Volvo will reveal more technical details at its unveil in Geneva.

Innovation still rife after 125 years

The company also used the opportunity to announce new technology. Mercedes has gained a patent for what it is calling'bipolar, fiat-cell frame' lithium-ion battery technology. Its production, too, is protected. The single-cell technology is more compact, cooler and more efficient than current accumulator batteries for electric cars.

Battery B Uyers Guide

Shuhken Batteries are engineered to provide aii the power needed for today's car audio systems. By using Absorbed Glass Matt (AGM technology, Shuriken rechargeable batteries can be mounted in any position needed and won't spill. Shuriken Batteries also have extreme resistance to excessive heat and strong vibration. With super low ESR and closely packed pure lead plates, each power cell will pack a punch. For more visit With gel cell or AGM batteries, you need to pay close attention to the charge voltage, and never use a regular battery charger on them. For these types of batteries you need to make sure the charger used is designed for these types of batteries, and has both temperature compensation and voltage regulation. The appropriate charge voltage depends on the battery temperature. A warmer battery requires less voltage, and if too much charge voltage is applied, the current accepted by the battery increases. This In turn increases the temperature of the...

Turns Out This Whole Honda Craze Might Be Around A Little Longer Than Everyone Thought

Despite its once-ground-breaking K20 swap, the EK's engine bay was in dire need of an overhaul. Its crude custom-fabbed mounts were replaced with OEM chassis mounts and urethane-filled Hasport EKK2 engine mounts that better supported the engine, and give it a little more ground clearance. Unlike how it had appeared in years past, the bay was given a full wire tuck, with firewall-mounted battery terminals and stainless fuel lines, while Yee took to fabbing up a custom stainless oil-catch can, radiator overflow reservior, and battery and fuse box brackets. The engine itself was also given a bit of an overhaul stock pistons, rods and cams were retained, but Blox valve springs and retainers, a Six Sigma Racing header, and 52mm TWM individual throttle bodies with carbon fiber velocity stacks were added to free-up aspiration and allow for high-revving power 226 hp, to be exact, courtesy of a Hondata K-Pro and 440cc RC injectors.

Chrysler Aspen Hybrid

ALONG WITH biofuel-capable dieseis, Chrysler has developed hybrid SUVs that are already on sale. The Aspen shown here (and its sister ship, the Dodge Durango Hybrid) is a true hybrid. It's able to operate at speeds up to 30 mph on battery power alone and has regenerative brakes and a stop start system. The 300-volt battery pack is stored under the back seat. The gasoline engine is the 5.7 multidisplacement V-8, which can shut down cylinders when demand is light. The two technologies together yield an EPA rating of 20 city and 22 highway, a significant improvement over the 13 18 mpg the standard model is rated. Because of that, the Aspen Durango hybrid can qualify for a federal tax credit of up to 2200.

It Must Have Been Zoomglo

Select-mode knob in C, you get only 60 percent of the available torque There is a bit of we don't really know yet -type ambivalence about what C stands for. The knob, familiar to all AMG fans, has detents for C, S, S+ and M, which normally correspond to Comfort, Sport, Sport plus, and Manual. However, in the all-electric prototype E-Cell, C may very well stand for City. Or, as the test engineers explained, il could stand for Cruising. Regardless, it cuts power and extends the battery life, yet offers no brake regenerative battery-charging of airy sort. Flip the knob into S and you get 80 percent of the torque.

Nobody Sells More Collector Cars Than Mecum Nobody

ASTON MARTIN 2003 Vanquish, Works Service 6-speed manual, tungsten silver with all charcoal leather interior with charcoal carpeting, 16,000 miles from new, this is one of several Vanquishes converted by a specialist team sent by the Aston Martin factory to Autosport Designs Inc to replace the existing, original paddle shift type F1 transmission and convert to 6-speed manual, these specialists are the same gentlemen who produced the Vanquish model from new at the Works in Newport Pagnell, this conversion truly brings supercar status to the Vanquish, the last proper old school Aston produced at Newport Pagnell prior to the end of Vanquish production, this Vanquish is in as new condition, it is offered complete with all books, tools and records from new and is sure to excite in only the way a true thoroughbred Aston Martin can. Autosport Designs Inc, Tom Papadopoulos, 631-425-1555, FAX 631-425-6185, Long Island, NY VANQUISH S 2005 2-seater, Argento Nurburgring...

On The Return Of Kers

AN Whether Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems really do anything for the sport is debatable. For us, it's a packaging challenge. It's an expensive thing, but it's the same for everybody. Safety is obviously a concern, but if you have high-voltage DC battery packs flying around in an accident like Robert Kubica's in Canada in 2007, there is a danger there. That's why marshals, in particular, need very good training.

Atomic Batteries To Power

Muscle Engine Vector

Lithium-ion battery pack recharged by gas turbines. There is a 50kg electric motor with a maximum output of 145kW for each wheel, and a torque total of 1600Nm. The C-X75 can accelerate from O-lOOkm h in a claimed 3.4sec, and tops out at over 2OOmph (330km h). Jaguar quotes a six-hour home recharging time for the 19.6kWh lithium-ion battery pack. As for range, 110km is possible in electric mode, but with the two gas turbines fired up, the car can quickly generate enough electricity to extend touring to 900km. Battery Pack Lithium-ion battery pack can be charged either from the mains or via the turbines

New Chrysler 200 Driven

A new battery technology that would provide more than a little wiggle room. Lithium polymer properties allow us to shape the battery to the car, not the other way around. And the Sonata Hybrid, with the largest interior in its class, is the first non-plug-in hybrid to feature this technology.

Our Month With A Prius Phev

Toyota shared one of its prototype Prius Plug-In Hybrids for an entire month, sufficient for its novelty to wear off. Like a traditional Prius (and how quaint this may sound to older readers), our Prius PHEV uses its gasoline engine both for added kick as well as for charging its battery pack en route. Like the Chevrolet Volt, though, it also has the option of plug-in charging. PHEV40 the Fisker Karma is a PHEV50, both with commensurately larger (albeit more costly) battery packs.

Lowbudget Peace Of Mind

I bought an Optima RedTop battery and spent about 140. I don't like to worry about a dead battery when I am on the trail. I also purchased a cheap water temperature, oil pressure, and volt meter cluster. This isn't the type of vehicle you install liquid-filled, carbon-fiber gauges in. This came in kit form and cost 26 at the local auto parts store, and it seems to work. This wasn't necessary the dummy lights on the dash work just fine. I might not have bought this gauge cluster, but the Jeep was fitted with an old broken one, and it's fun monitoring the vitals of an old engine.

Batteries Not Included

It's no joke, but Nissan engineers as well as their boss Carlos Ghosn have hinted that it'll be Batteries Not Included. Or more precisely, you'll buy the (as yet unnamed) Nissan EV, but lease its lithium battery pack. There are several reasons why this makes business sense. First, the EV buyer battery lessee puts out rather less cash and a bit less angst. Recall that these days a battery pack makes up roughly half the total EV cost (see Eclectic Electrics, March 2009 and archived at Thus, by leasing it, you get more battery for the buck. Also, what with battery technology improving (though hardly at Moore's Law pace), you'll not be stuck with today's technology for the life of the car. It's foreseen that an upgraded lease, no doubt at an upgraded price, could supply your EV with the latest battery technology. Also, of course, a lease would transfer to the next owner of the car. There's a third aspect of this business model involving a second life of the battery. In...

Running The Engines For Short Periods Leaves Moisture In The Oil And Exhaust

Running the engines for short periods leaves moisture in the oil and exhaust systems and allows acids to form, so we don't recommend it. Batteries will only be damaged from freezing if they are partially or fully discharged. They won't freeze until way below zero when charged up. I would add a small solar battery charger panel to keep things charged up. If you have access to shore-power at your storage facility, use a Battery Tender or some other battery trickle charger maintainer they're inexpensive and do a good job. You can look up freeze points online at www.jgdarden. com batteryfaq carfaq4. h tm freeze_poin ts.

Textand Photos By Edgar Hoill

Simple battery replacement, the Impala started on the first try. While being kept in storage was a benefit to the overall condition of the car, father time still created some damage, as the floor panels and vinyl top were both in bad shape and in desperate need of refurbishing. The body of the car, however, remained in pristine condition and required very little work. Upon delivery, the Chevy was taken to the Latin Kustoms shop to begin the first steps of the restoration process. A

Words By Dr Sparks Photography By Gez Hughes

If it's lower, check the battery with a hydrometer. Recharge it if necessary. Assuming the battery voltage is within the correct limits, start the engine and run This is the key task -turning the battery around to connect the negative terminal to earth. Disconnect both battery terminals, remove the clamp and

Photography Courtesy Of The Ford Motor Company

Hot swappable battery packs and fuel cells that convert gases created by a soup of overactive algae into electricity may seem like futuristic enough automotive propulsion ideas now, but they have nothing on the era of scientific optimism that brought forth the Ford Nucleon atomic-powered concept of 1958.

Space savers boon or bane

This may surprise many since the thought of tyres, like batteries come only when there's some distress such as a flat tyre or dead battery. While many motorists actually are ignorant about the spare wheel they are carrying, it pays to spend some time in investigating. What's more, many cars are now being sold without a spare wheel and instead come with temporary tyre repair kits. But expensive cars like the BMW 5 Series come with special run-flat tyres which have reinforced sidewalls and special rims that allow the car to be driven for up to 150km on a deflated tyre. But, the last category is that of the space-savers, which have certain advantages and disadvantages. Consumer trend research has suggested that many customers are still unaware about what they need to know, hence this article. Read on.

Ford Will Ramp Up The Performance

The new car's styling takes the appearance of the latest five-door Focus to the extreme, with deep air intakes, side skirts and a roof spoiler. Inside, the XR5 features sports seats with body-coloured inserts, a deeply recessed rev counter and speedometer, carbon-fibre weave finish and a 'stitched leather' effect at the top of the dash, where a trio of small dials is found for oil temperature, boost and battery charge.

Multicolor Led Headlamp O

It's going to get dark at night whether you like it or not. Stumbling around in the pitch-blackness of the backcountry is a bad idea, whether you're cooking, setting up your tent, or fixing your rig's stupid axleshaft U-joint again. We dig the no-handed approach to lighting, and this Multi-Color LED headlamp fits the bill. It has a Cree Xlamp XR-C LED light that spits out 78 lumens. It's powered by three AAA batteries that use a side-loading battery cartridge and are monitored via an LED battery meter. The headlamp also features three light colors (white, red, and blue) to best match lighting needs a light-intensity adjustment dial axis-pivoting head and adjustable elastic cloth headband. It's available in black or pearl and has an MSRP of 29.99.

Premium Bluetooth Headset

COBRA ELECTRONICS CORPORATION MSRP 59.95 Info Since many US states now require the use of a hands-free telephone device while driving, we've all had the unfortunate pleasure of increased static, lower volume and decreased clarity while talking on the phone. But fear not, with T5 Sonance Noise Cancellation, you're sure to hear every last word, and with 150 hours of standby time accompanied by 7 hours of talk time, you wont miss any banter. Other cool features Include three-way charging from either home, a USB or your vehicle. We've sampled the CBTH2 ear-piece (pictured) and found it good but not quite on par with our Plantronlcs ear-piece. There's also a CBTH1 headset and, If you can ignore the fact you look like a telemarketer, this bad-boy incorporates noise-cancelling technology and has the features, sound quality and battery life to keep you happy.

Designed For Improved Performance Whatever You Drive

Car With Drag Coefficient

YET more EVs will be presented by Smart and Mini - but of the two-wheeled variety. Both companies are to reveal plug-in electric scooter concepts at Paris. These will major on style, showcase many futuristic design cues, and be powered by lithium-ion battery packs. The Smart version is said to offer a 90km range on a single charge.

If You Cant Wheel Hit The Road

Like most of you, my boss won't simply hand me the corporate gas card just because I want to go see the countryside. I needed a good excuse, and I found it in the company parking garage. The Ultimate Adventure 2007 Jeep JK, commonly referred to as the RubiWagon, was sitting on two flat tires, had a dead battery, and

Words By Mike Renaut Photography By Gez Hughes

Cordless drills have evolved rapidly in recent years. New technology and developments in rechargeable batteries have catapulted cordless drills forward to the point where they are now able to replace the more-traditional corded mains-powered drills for most applications.

When Would You Be Exposed To Danger In Basketball

HONDA has also revealed its new plug-in hybrid platform technology, whici is expected to underpin a rival to the Toyota Prius plug-in, already confirmed for a 2012 launch. Featuring a 120kW electric motor powered by a 6kWh battery pack, the wo-motor hybrid system provides an electric-only range of 15 to 20 kilometres at speeds up to lOOkm h A full recharge of the Dattery psck takes up to two-and-a-ha f hou's. The electric propulsion system works alongside a 2.0-litre pe rol engine mated to a CVT transmission. To maximise efficiency, the hybrid system constantly changes between all-eectric, petrol-electrc and 'unique' engine direct-drive modes.


I'd feel even better about the Volt if it had a more affordable, longer-range battery pack, and even better still if we had a grid fed by nuclear power. While the former is an inevitability, the latter is anything but. So, as a savior of humankind, this first-generation Volt is bound to disappoint. As a proof of concept, though, it is something to behold. (See our road test on page 62.)


Unlike the 918 Spyder, the RSR doesn't store energy in a battery pack. Instead, and in common with the R Hybrid, energy is harvested under braking and stored in a flywheel spinning at up to 36,000rpm and mounted where you'd usually find the passenger seat. A button on the


In an extension of its relationship with Toyota -which already supplies the brand with 1.33-litre petrol iQs, to be converted into Cygnet city models - Aston will get a battery-powered version of the car, too. A spokesman said that the electric Cygnet will appear later in 2012, after the Toyota iQ EV debuts here earlier next year. As technology comes out from Toyota, we will benefit, he explained. The battery pack would give a 65-mile range.

The Story

THE big question with the FF is how the four-wheel-drive system works. And we've got a pretty good idea. Leaked patent plans -along with what we teamed from the HY-KERS hybrid concept - tell us Ferrari will use theV12todrivethe rear wheels, plus an electric motor backed by a lithiumion battery pack which drives the front wheels. Whether they will get a conventional mechanical diff or smaller, lighter, more costly in-wheel motors, this will be the most versatile Ferrari ever, combining 'all-weather ability with stunning handling. And with HELE, it will also be incredibly efficient given its performance.

Electric Bikes

LiPo batteries have been out for a while, but even the ones we use for model aircraft motors, (800mAh and smaller than a granola bar) do not react well to overheating, charging errors or short circuits. I'd be concerned about riding a IkWh LiPo in wet weather, or charging a big LiPo array in my garage (if I had a garage ). Am I the only one JOHN BARTOLUCCI LARKSPUR, CA

Interphone F4

The Interphone F4 is the latest generation all in one intercom system and can be used for rider-to-pillion, bike-to-bike, GPS, phone and MP3. It comes with two types of microphone, stereo headphones, Velcro and a mini screwdriver. Battery life is said to be 700 hours on standby and 10 hours talk time and the units are rechargeable. Range is over 500 metres and answering your mobile is simple. It costs 299.99 (twin pack), 179.99 single pack and is available from


Keeping the LiFeP04 batteries charged between 30 to 80 percent was the NI-MH charging strategy used on GM's EV1 and is a waste of capacity. There are programmable chargers that prevent overcharging individual cells, which Is the real problem that reduces battery life. With some research, they could significantly increase the usable charge range.

Sat Nav Mount

This lockableTomTom Rider sat nav mount replaces the old cradle from the version one Rider which used to break every five minutes. Using a Ram mount you can fix it to a mirror stem.The mount is lightweight, rubber mounted and lockahle. Not cheap at f77 hut it is very good. It will also secure the latest Urban Rider as well, although the charging cradle is different so it would only run on battery power. Visit for info.


About the Chevy Volt Why not a 750-lOOOcc, direct-Injection turbo-diesel three-cylinder left on full time Switch a generator on and off If the battery gets too chacged, but leave the dlesel Idling to run the accessories. That way you have constant full-battery power, and the possibility for more than 100 nnpg. No thrash Is heard from the small, low-revving dlesel, and it provides moce torque than a gas engine to run a genecator. Am I wrong, of are the American auto companies just not getting it, as usual

Plastic in a Packard

As seen in the award-winning 148-inch-wheelbase, seven-passenger Model 1705 Touring Sedan belonging to George and Jodie Sweezey of Mansfield, Massachusetts, the new instrument panel was divided into three parts and featured a pleasingly symmetrical design. The driver's side panel incorporated the indirect-lit instruments. A horizontal bar reached from one side of the dash to the other, and inset into the driver's section were the water temperature, oil pressure, gasoline level and battery charge indicators evenly dividing these small rectangular gauges, with their cream-colored printing and sweep needles, was the large circular speedometer. This chrome-ringed speedometer read to 120 MPH, and it sported cream speed markings in circular matching


With power at 54kW and torque of 140Nm, die one-tonne wonder is said to reach 50km h in 4.7sec and top out at 120km h. A lithium-iron-phosphate battery pack evidendy gives the vehicle a range of just over 100km when cruising at 90km h. Continuing with the green theme, there's a dedicated spot for a foldable two-wheeler should the battery drain dry. PC

Agm Batteries

The Kinetik HC1200 Power Cells are AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat high power-density batteries. They are sealed and can he mounted in any position. These permanently sealed batteries are completely maintenance free, and use a recombination reaction to prevent the escape of hydrogen and oxygen gases which are normally lost to the atmosphere in a regular lead acid battery. Specifically designed tor car audio applications, the HC1200 Power Cells have very low ESR (Eguivalent Series Resistance) which allows them to provide almost Instantaneous current to the amplifier. These batteries also maintain a higher voltage when loaded, and because of the construction, are far more superior to a regular battery interns of heat and vibration resistance. Each HC1200 battery weighs about 28 pounds. For more applications (from racing to car audio) and information visit

Chevrolet Volt

When running in this Extended Range Mode, the gasoline engine does not attempt to recharge the battery pack. That job is better handled by the power grid, which does it at far less cost. But extended-range mode allows the Volt to be driven to the nearest convenient electric outlet without ever stranding its owner, however far that is. A full charge takes only about four hours at a 240-volt outlet, and about IO at a household 120-volt outlet.

Shuanghuan Auto

Concept car that should go into production by 3012. Makers SAIC claim the lithium-iron-phosphate battery pack has an 80 per cent recharge time of 30min, The El is a one-box, three-door four-seater, has a quoted top speed of 120km h and a range of 140km. Roewe reckons it can hit 50km h m under 5.5sec en route to lOOkm h in less than is said to be the first mass-produced all-electric vehicle of any Chinese brand. PC

Legs Up Display

Both cars are five-door family hatchbacks retailing for less than R270 000 (R259 900 for the Honda and R265 600 for the VW), but that's pretty much where the similarities end. The Insight's cabin is surprisingly roomy and mainstream, considering Honda had to incorporate a battery pack into the chassis. While 400 litres of cargo space and flexible seating sounds good on paper, the sloping roofline means that headroom for adults in the back is actually quite tight. The standard spec count is high though, and includes electric windows, climate control, electric mirrors, cruise control, remote central locking, a six-speaker sound system with an iPod USB port as well as front, side and curtain airbags.


A battery is merely an energy-storage device, not a source of energy, and even today, the very best of the most commercially viable electric vehicle batteries can only store less than 2 percent of the energy contained in the same mass of gasoline. You don't need to be a rocket scientist to understand the math A given mass of battery is not going to take you anywhere near the distance of the same mass of gasoline. For reasons of durability and reliability, the GM team used lead-acid batteries in the EV1. That meant nearly 40 percent of the 2970-pound two-seater's mass was devoted to a battery pack that could take it just 90 miles on the highway, and 70 miles in the city and could manage those distances only because the rest of the car had been carefully (and expensively) optimized for ultralight weight, reduced aerodynamic drag, and had one of the most efficient and sophisticated electric powertrains then in existence. I thought about Howard Wilson as I...

News In Brief

Bats out of hell Truck drivers and operators have been put on alert by South Worcestershire Police after a spate of battery thefts in the Worcester and Malvern areas. During January, 22 new batteries with an estimated value of 6600 were taken from lorries parked at the Malvern Hills District Council depot. A further 70 scrap batteries valued at a total of 140 were stolen from an address in Worcester.


Measuring 5.7x3.8x2.4 , the compact device is easy to store in a backpack or carry-on luggage. The storage compartment has a clear window to allow use of touchscreen player controls. It's also pretty durable, with a hard casing so you don't have to worry if you drop it. And unlike most portable speakers, the iMainGoX comes with a rechargeable battery that should last up to 12 hours.

Your Free Gift

The safe and economical way to charge your car's battery. This incredibly easy to use maintenance charger can be left safely connected for prolonged periods. It's fully insulated and weatherproof for battery charging whatever the weather. Start your subscription with 6 trial issues now and receive your RSC1 Maintenance SmartCharger absolutely FREE.


A pair of electric motors drives the car's rear wheels, claimed with enough oomph to accelerate it to 60 mph in 5.9 seconds or travel 50 miles on a single charge of its lithium-ion battery pack (not both simultaneously, mind). Range extension to a claimed 300 miles comes with its gasoline engine generator pair.

Stepper Motor

The stepper motor concept is based on achieving accuracy by dividing one single rotation into a large number of steps. The motor runs using the electromagnetic teeth placed within gear-shaped cogs made of iron. This ensures accuracy. Stepper motors are required to measure accurate readings on gauges such as the speedometer, rpm meter, temperature gauge, fuel gauge, pressure gauge, battery voltage gauge etc.

Brilliant Future

Part because a traditional car requires almost 280 square feet of parking and aisle space and remains parked 90 percent of the time. But EN-V cars that can turn around in 57 feet requirejust 47 square feet of parking, so 600 fit where 100 normal cars would Typical low-speed, short-distance urban commuting doesn't require a 300-mile range orlOO-mph capability, so EN-Vs lithium-iron-phosphate battery pack is liiritedtoa25-milerangeandits12DC horses top out 25 mph. And with the footprint and weight of six pedestrians, special elevated lanes dedicated to such nanocars only have to meet pedestriarVbike lane standards of structural strength.Communication between vehicles and the infrastructure, GPS navigation, onboard ultrasonk sensors and camera vision systems mean the EN-V will be able to valet-park itself (without altering radio or seat settings) and to chauffeur dstracted occupants as they video-conference with pals.


The potential is immense According to the company, rt takes just 4- hours to fit the hybrid drive to a vehicle, post which the only majoi service lequiied is a battery change after 3 years. Branded as ReVOLO. the hybrid kit ts offered with a Lead Acid battery VRLA Staled type). however future prospects Include 1 Lithium Ion application as well. The rest of the technology involves a propriety motor design, intelligent electronic management system and algorithm to allow for

Free Torque

Finally, an excuse not to get a new car That's right you can upgrade your ride to '09 safety standards by installing the Schrader AirAware wireless tire-pressure monitoring upgrade kit Simply replace your standard tire valves with these handy blue transmitter models and place the receiver on the dash. After a setup sequence, you now have a modern tire-pressure and temperature-monitoring system for a fraction of the cost of a new 4x4. Easy to install and set up, the system has a battery life estimated at about five years. INFORMATION Schrader-Bridgeport,


THE MOST TECHNOLOGICALLY advanced Chevrolet in history is propelled by a 150-hp permanent-magnet AC motor and powered by an advanced lithium-ion battery pack. After 40 miles or so of driving, a 1.4-liter engine automatically starts to spin a generator that extends driving range another 300 miles before refueling is necessary. Canny electronic circuits are programmed to provide the Volt with strong acceleration, swift passing, and efficient cruising. During braking, the electric motor serves as a generator to partially recharge the battery pack. Recharging is painless. A standard 120-volt outlet will top off a totally depleted battery pack in ten hours a 240-volt connection does that job in four hours.

Pounds Each

The air that feeds the turbines is ingested at sill level and then circulates through an S-shaped, full-height intake chamber. The arrangement is visible from above through a transparent plastic cover. The four electric motors (which weigh only 110 pounds each) are mounted close to the wheels and are controlled by Jaguar's own software, which integrates traction control, stability control, and torque vectoring. The adaptive control-arm suspension is borrowed from the XKR. Between the axles, embedded in the extruded and bonded aluminum chassis, sits the battery pack. It weighs 507 pounds and has a capacity of 19.6 kWh. The lithiumion cells feed all four motors, which power the wheels through single-speed final drives.

Power Up

By upgrading the stock system you can save yourself time and money not to mention headaches in the near future. Using a good alternator such as an Ohio Generator (or similar) and upgrading or adding Kinetik Power Cells can provide the solution. It is important to make sure you are producing and storing enough power to run your accessories without voltage drops. Unlike a common car battery, Kinetik Power Cells are designed specifically to power audio and performance electronics while maintaining stable voltage to keep things running cool and sounding clean. Kinetik Power Cells provide high capacity and high current output to power your vehicles needs with a variety of sizes to fit into any space.

The New Sonata Turbo

The Leaf is built on a dedicated platform. A 107-hp permanent-magnet AC motor manufactured by Nissan revs up to 16,000 rpm to drive the front wheels through a single-speed transaxle. The fuel tank is a 24-kWh lithium-ion battery pack supplied by a joint venture between Nissan and NEC. comfort more efficiently than warming the whole cabin. Navigation, Bluetooth, and a USB port are standard. Spending an extra 940 for the SL model adds a backup camera, fogiamps, automatic headlamps, and a roof-mounted solar panel to recharge the lead-acid battery (used to kick-start the Leaf's electrical systems).

Lowdown On The Leaf

Targeted annual battery-pack manufacturing capacity Speaking of the devil, to accurately assess operating range, we departed Nissan's Franklin, Tennessee, U.S. headquarters with a fully charged battery and merged into morning traffic. After an hour or so of freeway driving, we continued with a low-speed excursion of the local suburban hills and valleys. At eighteen miles remaining, the range digits began flashing, and a battery level is low warning appeared. We drove on to an eight-mile reading, at which point the digits changed to three horizontal dashes and a very low battery advisory appeared. Suffering no apparent loss of performance (or terminal range anxiety), we rolled home

Silverado Hybrid

The 6.0-liter V-8 hybrid combination mates Active Fuel Management with the 2-Mode hybrid system and a 3.42 rear-axle ratio. The 6.0 uses an Atkinson-cycle combustion process, which means intake valves remain open later in the cycle for better efficiency. For the Escalade, the engine is tuned to produce 332 horsepower at 5100 rpm and 367 pound-feet of torque at 4100 rpm on regular unleaded. Power passes through an electric continuously variable transmission the electric motors are supplied by a 300-volt nickel-metal hydride battery pack.

The Real Deal

During my week with the Tesla, I caught up with Al Reed, a mechanic who commutes every day in an electric Volkswagen Scirocco. The Scirocco's sixteen 6-volt lead-acid batteries have propelled him more than 45,000 miles and are charged by a 5-kW solar panel on the roof of his house, so his car is truly a zero-emissions vehicle. The converted Scirocco can go 35 to 40 miles on a full charge, but the best part is that it makes road rage a thing of the past. With a small range, limited power, and without the benefit of regenerative braking, the Scirocco teaches you to be a Zen driver and to make wise use of the juice. But Reed seems to have the speed bug, too he commutes in the Scirocco to offset the smog he creates by driving his classic muscle cars on the weekends. JC

Tesla Model S

The high-profilo EV buildor novor planned to live off its Roadster sales. The Model S family sedan gets to play the rolo of the make it or-break-it car, and post-IPO Tesla certainly needs a breadwinner. It's scheduled for production in 2012 with 160-, 230-, and 300-mile battery pack options, benson kong battery-powered Fortwo on the streets of a major metropolis, it's a perfectly wonderful ittle city car Yon would own the streets of San Francisco, be the king of Manhattan, or lord of London. However

Honda Insight

As a family car, the Insight begins to struggle. The rear seats provide much less leg and headroom than the SEAT'S. Boot capacity figures suggest the Honda is more spacious, but the Japanese firm measures to the roofline rather than the parcel shelf, so its 408-litre volume is flattering. This is largely down to the location of the hybrid's battery pack beneath the high floor.


Volt The much-hyped GM green machine should go on sale later this year as a 2011 model. The Volt combines a lithium-ion battery pack with a 149-hp electric motor and a range-extending, 100-hp gasoline engine. Using only Its 16-kWh battery pack, the vehicle has a claimed range of up to 40 miles once that's used up, the Volt can run another 250-plus miles using the gas engine to produce electricity. A four-seater, the Volt Is expected to be pricey, at just less than 40,000, but tax credits mean it could cost less than 30,000.

By Jordan Jones

Ith such a variety of operational specs, sizes, and terminal locations for lead-acid batteries, it's hard to know which one to purchase for your specific application. Do you choose a battery designated with a CCA ratings or one specified using a HCA rating We hooked up with 1-800-Battery to get a quick list of terminology to should shed some light on the battery manufacturer's performance ratings for fully charged, 12-volt (6 cell) batteries BATTERY COUNCIL INTERNATIONAL (BCI) GROUP SIZE The BCI Group Sizes or Group Numbers, refers to a battery's maximum physical dimensions. These standardized sizes can be found in a BCI Group Sizing Chart. Group 31 for Light Commercial batteries, and Group 34 for Heavy-Duty Commercial batteries, are two of the most commonly found sizes for trucks and Jeeps. CRANKING AMPS (CA) OR MARINE CRANKING AMPS (MCA) These two ratings are the same. They refer to the number of amps that a battery at 32 F can deliver for 30 seconds, while maintaining a minimum...

Retro Pony

This car started life as an 'ordinary' Camaro Super Sport, but the option package included the RS (Rally Sport) upgrade with the addition of a four-instrument pod ahead of the gearlever (oil pressure, oil temperature, transmission temperature and battery voltage), 20-inch polished aluminium wheels and a few other racy bits.

Battery Care

CTEK Multi XS 4003 is a new generation charger and the most advanced way to condition, charge and maintain ail types of lead-acid batteries. The fully automatic 8 step programme will check the battery condition before restoring it lo peak performance and if required, continue to maintain it indefinitely using the patented 'pulse maintenance' feature. THf SMARTEST BATTERY CHARGERS IN THE WORLD


Access up to 1,200 of your favourite books from anywhere with the Sony Reader. Featuring a paper-like E Ink, glare-free touch-screen so you can comfortably read for hours (even in direct sunlight), and a long battery life that keeps it going for up to 2 weeks or 10,000 page turns on a single charge. Plus it has 12 built-in dictionaries so you can find a word's meaning or translation in Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Dutch. And with over 2 million titles available at the Whitcoulls online ebook store, you'll never run out of reading material. Available with a 5 (Pocket Edition) or 6 (Touch Edition) screen. Find out more at reader.

Land Rover Chassis

Range Rover Chassis

I eyed the two Range Rovers and suggested that we could extract at least one of the engines. One said Kevin, Let's have them both out We started with the blue one. By this time I had tested the engine - to get it running I only needed to replace a perished fuel feed hose and plenty of battery power to give it a good crank and get the Mazda purring. It was a good one, running just as sweet as the other Range Rover. I shot some video of the lump running to send to my friend Arjan, who would be coming to collect the engine, and taking it to his home in France, if it was serviceable. I did manage to get some brake fluid all over my feet for my trouble - the

Product Test

Some of the drills share a battery with other tools in the range, so some of the cost is shared - assuming you buy the other tools. Consider battery life and whether a power indicator is included. Some of the drills share a battery with other tools in the range, so some of the cost is shared - assuming you buy the other tools. Consider battery life and whether a power indicator is included.


'We buy the battery cells from the Far East and assemble them ourselves at Williams,' explains Michael. 'Doing that, there is an amazing difference in cost. If we were to get someone to assemble the battery packs for us, there was no way we could do KERS on that basis. So we employed two people who were trained to build the li-ion battery packs, while the MGU was developed in-house with help of a University. The ECU is fairly standard and made inside Williams, with all of the electronics in house.'


Shuriken Batteries are engineered to provide ail the power needed for today's car audio systems. By using Absorbed Glass Matt (AGM) technology, Shuriken rechargeable batteries can be mounted in any position needed and wont spill. Shuriken Batteries also have extreme resistance to excessive heat and strong vibration. With super low ESF and closely packed pure lead plates, each power cell will pack a punch. Omega is very proud to announce their plug-in ECHO-TOUCH color, touch screen, 2-way upgrade kit. It is Hie newest and most exciting addition to their lineup this year. It offers all the one-of-a-kind ECHO features you know and adds another level of excitement and enjoyment for your customers. It features Multi-vehicle operation, selectable vehicle image and name, alarm trigger history report, color animations for confirming all control functions and alarm triggers, voice (English and Spanish) and vibrate alerts, alarm dock, rechargeable battery...

The Context

The MCV has four doors and inside there's accommodation for four adults with luggage. Seat squabs sit at a similar height to a Mercedes B-class and the lithium battery pack - comprising pouch' ills manufactured to new common standards - lives beneath the floor giving a low centre of gravity.


Leaf This pure electric goes on sale this fall with range claims of 100 miles per plug-in. The Leaf's 24-kWh battery pack can go from depleted to 80-percent charged in about 25 minutes with a special, 220-volt home-charging station. The sticker runs 32,780 for the base Leaf, not counting a 7500 federal tax credit (some states have additional credits). A lease costs 349 a month, with 1650 up front and a 595 acquisition fee (the lease pricing incorporates the 7500 federal credit).

Opel Astra Gtc Turbo

Nevermind the i4ykW and 26oNm that originally wooed me, back then two doors was plenty. Add two more offspring and the same number of extra doors is obligatory. That said, my GTC ownership experience has been exemplary, with nothing more than a dead battery and a pair of front seats that started to come apart to report. Both faults were hastily amended, with great service from the call-out crews concerned, along with exemplary servicing from Ferndale Delta in Kuilsriver. Dynamically the Astra is still as

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Our advice on Audi Pampering in the July 2010 issue prompted Bob Marquis of Yp-silanti, Michigan, to comment on the vital importance of maintaining battery voltage. If he is going to let his vehicle sit for more than one month, he will need to have some sort of battery maintenance charger connected or he will probably have to deal with a dead battery.

Flxible Starliner

Flxible Starliner

Custom paint, polished wheels, new tires, new batteries, professionally built, custom interior, asking 100,000 cash plus vintage Harley or auto call for all details. Ron, 619-698-9715, 619-9858256, CA. Custom paint, polished wheels, new tires, new batteries, professionally built, custom interior, asking 100,000 cash plus vintage Harley or auto call for all details. Ron, 619-698-9715, 619-9858256, CA.


West Coast Choppers Bar Fly

Black with Black interior. 3,200 miles. F1 Transmission. Very well-optioned extremely clean example. Everything is like new. Properly serviced and includes factory warranty. Carbon Fiber Interior, Daytona Electric Seats, Rear Carbon Grille, Shields, Battery conditioner, leather upholstered parcel shelf, black 20-inch high performance wheels, rear parking sensors, AND carbon fiber leather steering. CaU (915) 525-9232 or (915) 533-7465.

Odyssey Batteries

Conventional batteries, even with AGM, will sef-discharge in weeks because of the alloy lead plate mix. Most manufacturers add an clloy either calcium or antimony to the lead to provide mechanical strength to the battery grid antimony, used in wet cells or slow down self-discharge prevent gassing calciun, used in gel AGM . The big problem with these alloys is that they're impurities and so the chemical reaction isn't as good therefore less electrical charge as if just pure lead was used. Other drawbacks include increased discharge from antimony these batteries need to be used often or trickle charged , or buckling rupture of the battery container caused by calcium lead plates 'growing' because of oxidation due to long-term overcharging. When a lead acid battery is left discharged, the lead from the plates combines with the electrolyte to make lead sulphate. Some of this will crystalise onto the plates, which then acts as an insulator or barrier, reducing the plate area in contact with...

By Andrew Bornhop

Version of that found in the Camry Hybrid, is 187 hp. One key advancement is an exhaust heat recovery system that raises the temperature of the coolant quickly, saving fuel by reducing engine warm-up time and allowing the engine to shut off earlier, particularly in colder climates. A NiMH battery pack, the size of a smallish suitcase and weighing about 90 lb., resides between the rear seat and the trunk, which holds four sets of golf clubs. mpg combined. That's impressive for a luxurious 5-seat sedan, and chances are good you'll exceed those numbers if you use the driver-selectable Eco mode, which softens throttle response and cuts back on the air conditioning to improve economy. There's also a pure EV mode, which allows an HS with a good charge to drive for about 3 miles on the battery pack alone, at speeds up to 20 mph. Perfect for underground parking structures and the like, says Lexus.


Digital gauges are less prone to reader error than traditional analog devices, but they're typically a lot pricier. Joes Racing Products, however, has recently introduced this digital racing gauge at a very reasonable price. It features an auto-off function, a low-battery indicator, an easy-to-read blue-lit display, and the flexibility to toggle among different units of measurement with the touch of a button. It also comes with a digital tread-depth gauge and both ball and angle-type nozzles. (S69.95 425-267-9199 test notes The tough-to-seal angled nozzle meant we lost precious psi with every pressure check use the ball nozzle. best for The techie club racer on a budget.

Phantom Alarm

Batte'ies, the ide3 being if a th ef cuts the power to the car, the power sounder senses the voltage drop and then activates, i.e, even with the hatfp'y disconnected the alarm will continue to sound. The interna, batte-y is charged by the car but as with all rechargeable batteries, after sometime they will no longer iccept a charge. When this happens, yoj get the four beeps to warn you the battery is failing and so the voltage drops below the set level and the alarm sounds, usually at 4.00 am, In he middle of a torren-.ial downpour.

Tech Specs

Mobile Crane Engine Compartment

System Jorge over at Audio Xperts in Chula Vista installed a Kenwood head unit with the iPod hookup, 6.5-inch Pioneer and 6x9-inch MTX mid-range speakers. Setup Neto over at BottomsUp Custom Hydraulics in Spring Valley, California, handled the custom hydraulic suspension, reinforcing and molding the frame and install ing eight-inch cylinders in the front and 10-inch cylinders in the rear. Four Showtime pumps and four Adex square dumps were hooked up to eight deep cycle batteries. Mario Molina of Molina's Welding & Chrome Plating did most of the af termarket chrome plating. Wheels 13x7100-spoke all-chrome true knockoff. Tires P15S 80R13 whitewall.

Checking Your Pulse

PulseTech Products introduces its 390PT digital battery and system tester. This battery-health and starting-systems analyzer tests six- and 12-volt batteries and systems and 24-volt systems. The 390PT tests all lead-acid battery types including VRLA (AGM and Gel) batteries, deep cycle and standard designs. It can analyze the status of a battery or starting system in 15 seconds, with a screen to show state of health or state of charge analysis Good & Pass, Good & Recharge, Recharge & Retest, Bad & Replace, or Bad Cell & Replace. It's housed in a high-impact plastic case with a shock-resistant rubber boot. PulseTech Xtreme Charge 800 580-7554.


This unique relation between dynamic performance and efficiency derives from the high level of efficiency of all engine components as well as intelligent linking of the power output of the three engines, as well as precisely controlled energy management including brake energy regeneration. What is more, the study BMW Vision EfficientDynamics is conceived as a so-called plug-in hybrid. The lithiumpolymer rechargeable battery housed centrally in a longitudinal chassis element and designed specially for this hybrid sports car can be fully charged at a conventional power socket within just two and half hours. The use of electrical energy alone permits zero-emissions motoring with a range of some 50 kilometres, while a 24-litre diesel tank extends the total action radius of the vehicle to up to 700 kilometres.

The New Roadster

Tesla opened its store in Monaco on November 24th 2009, a showroom for the entire Mediterranean area. Sold at a price of 91,000 Euros VAT incl., the electric Tesla Roadster has become through the years the most famous ecological car in the world. Its owners include celebrities like George Clooney, Leonardo Di Caprio, Matt Damon, or even Arnold Schwarzenegger This revolutionary car can travel 340 kilometers on a single charge, reach a top speed of 210 kph and accelerate from 0 to I OOkph in only 3.7 seconds. Full battery charging takes 3.5 hours at a dedicated loading station. In Monaco, over 200 parking slots are already reserved for electric cars in public car parks and electricity for battery charging is being offered. A charging station forTesla's and other electric cars also exists at the La Costa car park in the ecological Protech car washing center

Little Go Green

Kleine Rundballenpresse Wolagri

Left This '62 Sprite waited a long time for restoration, surviving a wreck, a fire and 30 years of storage before getting a chance to illustrate how green a British car can go. Below The electric car gets 50 miles on a battery charge with a top speed of 70 mph and an amortized cost of 5 to 7 cents-per-mile for operation. California. Mark decided on lead acid batteries (of which nine are required) primarily for cost and availability, although they are recyclable which was a plus for this green project. Top The Bugeye nose hinges up for full engine access. Below Left The nine lead acid batteries charge in two to eight hours. Below Right The weight from the batteries was offset by upgrading suspension with heavy-duty front and rear springs.

In The Beginning

One of the first clues of a possible solution came from the world of toys. As a kid I used to fly radio-controlled aeroplanes and you get a good idea of how much power you need to get airborne by doing that, Meiring explains. You also quickly realise that vertical flight is extremely power hungry. But then one day we suddenly had battery-powered radio-controlled helicopters Permanent magnet motors and especially batteries have changed a lot The lead-acid batteries you see in a normal car are currently running at 90 per cent of their theoretical energy capacity. Let's say 35 W.h kg (Watt.hours kg). In comparison, the lithium-ion batteries fitted to the Joule are running at 160 W.h kg on a cell level. In theory they could go up to 700 W.h kg, so there's much more to come. So, if you put the issues of climate change, peak oil, pollution and the advances in battery technology together, then there's

A drivers car

Focus Electric is Ford's first all electric passenger car and will go on sale in major markets within two years. The company anticipates it will put a dent in Nissan Leaf sales, citing 'three to four hours' for home recharging of its 28kWh lithium-ion battery pack, which is half as long as the Leaf's In the Volvo C30 EV, the 300kg battery pack replaces the fuel tank, and also extends into the tunnel. All these are reinforced. Under the hood, there's a more compact electric motor. The crumple zones need to be stronger up front where the smaller motor occupies less space than usual. Moreover, the EV runs a 400v electrical system, and all cables are comprehensively shielded for best protection. The crash sensor in the car cuts power immediately the airbags are deployed.

Preston Lerner

Reinert is serving on a future-of-the-car panel at a high-powered green-think conference sponsored by Fortune magazine and featuring heavyweights such as President Bill Clinton and Bill Ford. Although the symposium is being held in a button-down bastion of Orange County, the ambience is totally Silicon Valley, all iPhones and Aeron chairs, with lots of clever but undercapitalized tech entrepreneurs sniffing around for angel investors. At the moment, Shai Agassi, the charismatic founder of Better Place, is making a dynamic pitch for creating vast networks of battery-charging stations to support electric vehicles that will, he claims, be cheaper than the equivalent gasoline-powered cars. While executives from Ford, BMW, and Fisker Automotive listen with polite smiles, Reinert squirms in his seat, crosses and recrosses his legs, and generally behaves like a schoolkid who can't wait for the bell to ring so he can escape for recess.

Recharge Remedy

Are well known in the off-road scene for their no-leak, vibration-resistant, mount-anywhere ability, but many features about them are misunderstood. For example, this style battery has very low internal resistance, which is great for getting all the power to the terminals, but it also allows them to trickle down to very low voltage if left installed in a vehicle with key-off electrical loads. If unhooked and stored fully charged, an AGM battery (such as an Optima) will hold a higher voltage than a conventional battery. However, if your 4x4 has an alarm, clocks, or radio memory settings, you should simply disconnect the battery or use a low-amperage desulfation battery maintainer if it's going to be parked for months. If you have a spiral cell or any AGM that seems dead, don't send it in for warrantee replacement just yet. First hook it in parallel to a known good battery and then put it on a battery charger. Because of the low internal resistance it could have simply dropped below the...

Jeep Ev Concept

CHRYSLER HAS shown electric demonstration vehicles that use lithium-ion battery packs to power an electric drive motor. A controller manages the energy flow. The system is being developed for FWD, RWD, and as shown here, 4WD applications. The idea is that these types of vehicles could become zero-emissions vehicles for people driving less than 150 miles per day, although we suspect the actual range would be significantly less in the real world. Still, it's an intriguing technology. The Jeep EV, a range-extended electric vehicle, backs up the electric motor and battery pack with an integrated electric generator to produce additional energy to power the electric-drive system when needed. The 200-kW (268 horsepower) electric motor generates 295 pound-feet of torque. With approximately eight gallons of gasoline, the Jeep EV has a range of 400 miles, including 40 miles of all-electric operation.

Superlight Concept

Nissan recently unveiled its Leaf electric vehicle in Japan, equipped with a sophisticated EV-iT system that facilitates electric driving in a gasoline-dominated world. The Leaf's electric motor was developed in-house and delivers 80 kW of power and 206 lb.-ft. of torque that result in excellent acceleration, especially from a standstill. The 24 kWh laminated compact lithium-ion battery pack is mounted under the vehicle floor so as to not compromise cabin or cargo space. Nissan is claiming a range of more than 100 miles on a full charge.

Elon Musk

DAIMLER AG, the guys who used to own Chrysler, have bought a 10-percent stake in Elon Musk's Tesla Motors for a double-digit -million-dollar sum. Tesla will supply lithiumion battery packs for electric smarts in a pilot program beginning before the end of the year. Daimler plans series production of a Tesla battery-pack electric-smart by 2012. Smart will test its first 100 Tesla-battery pack fortwos in London by the end of 2009,


When purchasing a new battery for your truck (assuming you aren't using a custom box), the first thing to look at is size, specified in the BCI Group Sizing Chart. Also look at the number and locations of the battery terminals. The next choice will depend on your application's power requirements. Look at HCA ratings for hot climates, CCA ratings for cold climates, and CA ratings for climates that are moderate or fluctuate between extremes. For a RV, boat, golf cart, etc., where the battery will be drained without being concurrently recharged, make sure you purchase a deep cycle battery. These deep cycle batteries usually have a slower rate of discharge and may not be able to A Here is a generic, unsealed, lead acid battery. Around the two square breather caps, you can see the marks left from an acid leak, most likely caused by tipping the battery towards its sides. Sulfuric acid is highly corrosive, and when the electrolyte solution is spilled, you have removed acid from the battery....


Q It was time to replace the 6-volt battery on my 1956 Ford tractor. When I went to the store, they were also selling 8-volt batteries for about 10 more, so I bought an 8-volt instead of the 6-volt. My question is, do I need to adjust my voltage regulator to keep the battery fully charged The tractor is not used much, so I have always used a 6-volt trickle charger to keep the battery charged. Aa You are correct that your 6-volt battery charger will no longer maintain your new 8-volt battery. You will also need to adjust, or have adjusted, your voltage regulator on the tractor. I am not sure whether your tractor has a two- or three-unit regulator, but in either case, one of the units will control the voltage output of the generator. The other unit will be a cut-out that turns the charging system on. The third unit would be a current (amperage) regulator. In most cases, an increase of spring pressure on the voltage control unit will raise the voltage. I would recommend taking the...

Xs Power Batteries

OVER THE LAST couple of years, lithium batteries have proven to be one of the most cost-effective ways to save weight in racing applications. The latest player to enter the market is XS Power, a US-based company that has so far focussed its efforts on the drag racing market. However, the company's new L and C series of batteries targe all racing markets, from single seaters to ra ly cars. The L series feature a built-in microprocessor to monitor battery condition, including low and high voltage and overloading, while the more budget-ccnscious C series batteries do without the independent protection, but have a lower level of protection built into the cells. XS Power claim its lithium batteries provide a 40 per cent weight saving over lead acid equivalents. More information see

Doing Acid

Cleaning battery terminals and cables can be a daunting job. The natural corrosion set up by electrolysis can keep your ride from starting. While careful cleaning and scraping are the best methods to use, a can of cola will help. Simply dump a can over the terminals and watch the fizz do its thing. Keep away from the bubbling goo though, because the acid may spatter on your clothes, paint, or eyeballs. Also, rinse with plenty of water on top and on the ground as it dribbles underneath, because discoloration could result otherwise.


One that lasts for a long time and can start an engine even when 50 discharged. It needs to be heat resistant able to withstand high vibrations, small, lightweight yet still capable of producing high cranking power. The best type is TPPL (thin plate pure leac), used with AGM separators. These batteries consist ot extremely thin, tightly packed pure lead plates with no alloys. As they're thinner, more can be used, which means more plate area and therefore more power - almost twice as much as normal batteries. This increased power ratio means they can be made smaller than conventional batteries. They can also be 70 discharged and will still be able to start tie bike.

Batterybuyers Guide

Tee Blechdosen

Or have spent the last few years in Tibet, you've probably noticed that the traditional lead acid wet-cell type car batteries have some new, high tecb competition. Gel and AGM type batteries are quickly gaining popularity because of their higher performance, and longer life. If you've ever wondered what's truly different about these batteries then read on, because we're going to take a closer look at the differences between them, and how to choose which one is right for your particular application. Let's start with the typical wet-cell, lead acid battery. This type of battery has been around for over 100 years, and other than a few improvements to capacity and construction, it hasn't changed much. These batteries use lead plates and a solution of approximately 35 sulfuric acid and 65 water, which is called electrolyte. The electrolyte causes a chemical reaction when it comes in contact with the lead plates, and the result is electrical energy. An important fact to remember about this...

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EXTERIOR Voltex front bumper, single canards, undertray, 1,400mm Type 5V-mount carbon-fiber wing Zero Sports side skirts, roof vane Seibon carbon-fiber hood, doors, trunk Mines carbon-fiber front lip Varis three-piece dry-carbon-fiber rear diffuser, exhaust heat shield, B-pillar garnish JDM STI Spec C roof vent, amber side markers L'aunsport carbon-fiber C-pillar garnish Carbign Craft carbon-fiber license plate insert NRG carbon-fiber side mirrors Benen front and rear tow hooks custom bumper-mounted battery terminals, pulled fenders, fender flares, black headlight housings, LED bulbs, matte black vinyl roof. Aspen white paint

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DIY Battery Repair

DIY Battery Repair

You can now recondition your old batteries at home and bring them back to 100 percent of their working condition. This guide will enable you to revive All NiCd batteries regardless of brand and battery volt. It will give you the required information on how to re-energize and revive your NiCd batteries through the RVD process, charging method and charging guidelines.

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