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kills Jaguar's retro-obsession for good

YOU'LL recognize the 2010 Jaguar XJ's nose as a more upright follow-up to last year's sensation, the XF. On the bigger XJ, which is about the same size as the more formal-looking sedan it replaces, the rectangular grille is even more resolved and the cat's-eye headlamps are even sleeker. As with the XF, there's no Leaper hood ornament, though it will be offered in North America, in case you're considering an aftermarket vinyl top as well.

Surface tension in the profile pays homage to Chris Bangle's "flame surfacing" as does just about everything new in the car biz today. While the roofline suggests a "four-door coupe" in the idiom of Mercedes-Benz's CLS-Class, rear-seat headroom is quite good.

The XJ is a bigger car than it appears to be. Controversy kicks in with the roof rail, the part connecting the C-pillar to the quarter-window line forward of it. There's a piece of piano-black trim, whatever

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