Basic Warranty

3 yrs/36,000 miles

1 SAFETY ABS: 0; Stab: 0; Trac: 0; Airbags: 6 |

Nissan Sentra/SE-R

BASE PRICE RANGE: $16,200-$22,100* BODY TYPE: Sedan WHAT'S NEW: Lots of detail updates for the basic Sentra (2.0/2.0 S/2.0 SL/2.0 SR) and more potent SE-R/SE-R Spec V. The SL splits into a Cloth and Leather subset that adds stability/traction control—as do the SE-R/ Spec V. A 6M trans comes to the base 2.0 and departs from the 2.0 S. Key option changes include a new Technology Package and Navigation system. BEST BUY: With impressive standards, mileage-maxxing CVT trans, SE-R appearance kit, and SL-style alloys, the 2.0 SR nets the most for the least. SUM UP: HAS MORE FLAVORS THAN BASKIN-ROBBINS. **

Nissan Versa

BASE PRICE RANGE: $10,800-$17,200* BODY TYPE: Sedan, hatch WHAT'S NEW: Abounty of exterior/interior trim changes for all Versa variants is highlighted by a new grille, wheel treatments, and interior fabrics. 1.8 SL hatch receives a more comprehensive fascia/sill/spoiler revamp and adds foglamps while the 1.8 S now comes with ABS and SLs gain ABS and VDC stability. Radios add aux (base) or iPod (upline) inputs. BEST BUY: Misers aside, pass on the 1.6 sedan and step up to the decidedly more desirable 1.8 S or SL trim in either body style. SUM UP: ROOMY, COMFORTABLE, CHARACTERLESS. **

(new car buyer's guide)

Porsche 911/Carrera/Turbo

BASE PRICE RANGE: $77,500-$139,230* BODY TYPE: Coupe, conv WHAT'S NEW: GT3 is the beneficiary of the model line mid-cycle facelift that began last year with the 911/Carrera/Turbo. Updated model is fastest, most powerful GT3 to date, gaining a larger engine (3.8L/435 hp) and featuring Porsche Stability Management as standard. GT3 also boasts a new aerodynamics package to denote its performance credentials. COOL FACT: Optional Porsche Active Drive Mounts stiffen according to engine load and soften over bumps.

BASE ENGINE 3.6L/325-345-hp DOHC flat-6

OPT ENGINES 3.8L/385-hp DOHC flat-6;

3.6L/415-hp DOHC flat-6; 3.8L/435-hp DOHC flat-6; 3.6L/480-hp DOHC twin-turbo flat-6

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