Full Face And Paddle

A combination of a full face clutch plate and a paddle clutch to help increase clamping pressure. Usually the clutch plate contains a full circle of small areas of friction material (not a continuous circle of friction material). This kind of clutch is a decent compromise between a smooth full face clutch plate and a paddle clutch.

MULTI-PLATE CLUTCH As fitted to Specky's Tigra and shown in our photos, this clutch has two dutch/ friction plates, a main pressure plate and then an intermediate plate. By using a twin plate clutch you double the friction surface area and in turn double the torque handling capability. Ideal for drag racing when combined with a paddle clutch.

Using a clutch alignment tool, fit the clutch plate and pressure plate together. Fit the whole assembly onto the flywheel and refit the six 11 mm bolts undone in the last step and fully tighten. Remove the clutch alignment tool.

Undo the six 11 mm bolts that secure the clutch to the flywheel. Once undone, the clutch can be removed. Spray brake cleaner over the flywheel to remove any contaminants from the old clutch.

Specky has fitted a four paddte Helix clutch to his C2oLET-engined Tigra in a bid to improve his quarter-mile runs and it's helped him get under 10 seconds!


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