1998CC Z20LEH DOHC 16-valve, Regal equal-length tubular manifold, Garrett 56-trim GT2871R ball bearing turbo, Cosworth 4x4 10 psi actuator, self-fabricated 3 inch stainless steel exhaust system with divorced wastegate downpipe, larger VXR-styte tailpipe, 200-cell sports cat, self-designed and fabricated intercooler with Garrett bar and plate core, 2.5 inch alloy pipework and Samco hoses, custom 80 mm Astra 1.9 CDTi alrbox, K&N panel filter and home-made 3 inch inlet pipework, modified TRE 255 Iph Nissan Skyline fuel pump, reversed turbo coolant circuit, custom Pro Alloy twin-core radiator, custom fabricated oil and water lines, custom-written EDS software.

Standard M32 six-speed manual gearbox and clutch, gear lever lift kit, Wavetrac limited slip diff, front-wheel drive.

Bilstein B12 suspension kit, Powerflex front wishbone bushes, Whiteline rear anti-roll bar kit.

Front: 343 mm grooved discs, Alcon 4-pot callipers, SBS pads, one-off Goodridge braided hose set on custom brackets, rear: standard.

8x19 inch Mille Miglia T12 alloys finished in anthracite, 235/35 Bridgestone RE050 tyres.

Astra VXR three-door, Arden Btue, deleted front fog lights, colour-coded rear chrome strip, de-badged boottid, self-fabricated all steel JDM-styte bonnet, carbon wrapped roof, rear valance, mirror bases, B-pillars and window strips

Factory leather Recaro seats, climate control, satellite navigation system and Bluetooth hands-free phone kit, custom gauge pods with AFR, coolant and boost gauges.

Percy's methodical approach to tuning his Astra has certainly paid off...


set of CRN grooved and drilled discs and braided brake lines, and the exhaust with a Scorpion 3 inch system, after previously trying and rejecting Remus, Milltek, and Piper systems, which were good, but didn't fit the requirement of power and sound as well as the Scorpion.

With more power on tap, Dean was happy with how his Niirburgring project was progressing, until disaster struck and his turbo blew. 'I found out that the uprated actuator was holding the wastegate closed, meaning that the boost couldn't escape,' he explains. 'In the end, the turbo just couldn't hold together and blew.' As his daily driver at the time, Dean's Astra was in need of a new turbo, and quickly. Luckily, his mate Percy had the answer. 'When Dean told me his turbo had blown I knew exactly how to help him,' I

... and Percy's expertise has also benefited Dean's Niirburgring too.

The gauges look really good

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