Robert Ross

MILLENNIAL MARVEL The Grand Sport is an absolute embodiment of todays most daring technology. The four-wheeled radical also shows what visionary auto designers can do given unlimited freedom, time, and funds. Every inch, attachment, scoop, flare, intake, slat, strake, and aerodynamic line is conceived with the aim of eliciting maximum performance. Despite four turbochargers, 16 cylinders, eight liters, and four-digit horsepower, this roadster version of the first-generation coupe drives as smoothly, securely, and felicitously at highway speeds as it does at 200 miles per hour. Car of the Decade?' Can this millennium produce anything better? —paul dean

/| SPECIFICATIONS ] configuratio Mid-engine, all-wheel-drive convertible ngine 8-liter turboc.harged W-16 transmission 7-speed automated manual power 1,001 hp at 6,000 rpm torque 922 ft lbs at 2,200 rpm curb weight 4,387 pounds zero to 60 2.5 seconds top speed > 253 mph base price $2 million bugatti,

"This car is faster than my first three airplanes."

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