February 20ok Robb Report

rvjc^jíy yUrh MBnaÉrA* VL rlft2BK?WuUHfl m:d-cngincV-8, and aluminum and carbon-fibcr build, the R8 is a technologically superior supercar that is both kitten and tiger, depending on a drivers mood. The R8 is balanced better than a Porsche, runs easily alongside higher-horse-powered Ferraris, went to a better finishing school than any Lamborghini, and shows a vital, voracious silhouette— which is a fine interpretation of the snub nose and pollywog tail of those old Auto Union racers. —paul dean

This is a car in search of a track. Sure, it will hum along on empty country roads and idle contentedly in traffic, but, with all its inidinounted eight cylinders, the R8 screams for ofF-camber apexes and long straightaways. The car also is exceedingly generous, offering a driver instant competence. Hop behind the race-ready steering wheel, snick the gated lever into first, and suddenly you are a budding Lewis Hamilton, chewing up your favorite twisties. The R8 embodies Audi's always solid build quality, but the swatches of carbon fiber on each flank interrupt what is an otherwise appealing retro design. Long slung and wonderfully noisy, this car is less suited for a cruise to the country club than for one that leads :o nowhere in particular. The Audi TT has been more design triumph than automotive beast; the

R8 is both. -MARCO R. DELLA CAVA

Attdi, www. audinsa. com

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