Extreme Makeover

There was much love for the Lamborghini during this years competition. Though the Gallardo s aerodynamic shape is hardly new, this baby brother to the Murcielago has received enough tweaking from the good folks at Audi to at last make it a star in its own right.

This transformation has to do with the inherent merits of the Gallardo, which include impeccable (German) build quality, superglue road manners, and enough visual oomph to revive the dead.

All the right numbers arc here: a mid-mounted V-10 producing 552 hp; a 44-pound reduction in weight, thanks to a new transmission,composite brakes, and lighter suspension components; and :he 4 after the cars badge number, which denotes a four-wheel-drive system that turns even novice drivers into mini Formula One racers.

If the new Gallardo has one competitor in its claim to greatness, it can be found a few stalls away in the family barn. The Audi R8—Robb Report's 2008 Car of the Year—may not have as cool a logo as Lamborghini s baby bull, but it sure kicks in the same arenas. —marco r. dclla cava

"All racecar. I don t even remember the interior because I was having too much fun to notice."

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