Factory Options Continued

• Fold-away trailer h tch: Uses European ball size

• Headlamps washers

• Bi-xenon headlamps

• Active cornering bi-xenon headlamps, move left or right when the steering wheel is turned

• Passive cornering foglamps: appropriate light will come on when taking a slow-speed turn in the dark

• Fire extinguisher, located in the stowage compartment of the driver-side seat

• AMG Styling: AMG bumpers, side skirts, quad-tip exhaust

• Command remote control, required to control the 861 option center rear monitor

Two-tone Alpaca Gray with Anthracite leather interior

• Nappa leather anthracite: softer leather offered instead of 831A leather anthracite

• Analog TV tuner, makes it possible to watch TV channels

• Center rear monitor, O.E. monitor for rear passengers

• Heated rear seats, so the ladies in the back can quit complaining about cold bums

• Power trunk: the trunk lid opens and closes by the push of a button

• Interior motion sensor in added option to the 551 towing alarm

• Auxiliary trunk locks: two extra trunk locks in addition to thecne standard unit

• Load compartment package: an easy click system to secure the luggage in the trurk

5E This ESOO's instrument panel houses a CLS63 AMG cluster, which has additional menu items to display oil temperature and battery voltage, as well as a lap timer. Krabbenborg can also program it to display actual fuel content (as opposed to displaying range) and the actual date.

UlSffi This factory leather-and-suede steering wheel features trick paddle shifters and maintains the original audio control buttons. Right paddle shifts up, left paddle downshifts.

[0 This interior motion sensor is effective against people reaching inside while the car is locked with the windows partially open.

HOE The power trunk closer and opener is a two-way switch that not only opens the trunk but, unlike what's offered in the U.S, also closes it When added security is needed it can operate up to two additional trunk locks. Auxiliary trunk locks give added security to vehicles carrying valuable cargo. The system can be controlled by the key fob or with a two-way button on the driver-side door. Touching the red button on the trunk lid will dose the trunk electronically. IM5L The load compartment package is great for securing objects of all shapes and sizes. When not in use, the load compartment package option folds neatly to the side.




2004 545/ with AC Schnitzer aerodynamics and 19' Type IV bi<olor wheels.

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