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Reggie Hamel has come out with a system called the Free Power Secrets that allows you to build your own home made distillery to produce alcohol as fuel for your car, truck or even a generator. The Free Power Secrets system uses items that may already be there in your refrigerator or trash can or your backyard for generating alternate fuel. The construction is shockingly simple. You can build this even if you have trouble hammering a nail, or youre elderly and have trouble bending or kneeling for long periods of time. And theres no knowledge of chemistry, or how cars work required. Your new distillery will only require few parts which can be found in your local hardware store, or in a junkyard to build. Create Your Own Fuel by Reggie Hamel will not only help you save a lot of money, it will also help you save the environment. More importantly, you will be able to help crush big oil companies who are taking advantage of consumers all over the world. More here...

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Hydrostar Hydrogen Fuel Conversion Guide

The do-it-yourself conversion is a process that isn't overly complicated. Instructions can be found online and, best of all, they include simple, detailed instructions. Also, converting a car to run on water is not a complicated transition. A motor that runs on water will not void the warranty on your car, because the conversion parts are as simple to remove as they are to install. That means you could make your car an optional hybrid for under $200... the insertion of the gas to water conversion is entirely reversible! It's easy to both set up and take out. More here...

Hydrostar Hydrogen Fuel Conversion Guide Summary

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Alternative Fuels

Although these won't improve how many miles per gallon your car can do. the low price of alternative fuels for petrol and diesel cars make them worth a look. For a diesel the alternatives are less obvious. They consist of Biodiesel which can be made by the owner, but initial equipment costs can be high. And if you don't make it quite right it can cause serious problems. The other option is the well known vegetable oil solution, as older diesels will run fine in warmer weather on supermarket cooking oil. costing around 1 per litre. To maximise engine and fuel system life, and to enable the car to work fine in colder weather, you ideally need to mix in around 20 diesel or another additive, and on modern diesels it's really not recommended as it can damage the fuel system.


One approach is to transform animal fat or vegetable oil, via a trans-esterification process, into what is called biodiesel. The resulting fuel doesn't contain sulfur and can be used in pure form, though many vehicle manufacturers recommend that it be blended with petroleum diesel in proportions between 5 and 20 percent. Biodiesel contains about 9 percent less energy than petroleum diesel, but it has a higher cetane rating (which promotes more-efficient combustion) and better lubrication properties. Despite America's appetite for french fries, there isn't enough used cooking oil to make very much biodiesel. In fact, it has been suggested that to replace all of our petroleum needs with biodiesel would require the planting of soybeans on all of the arable land in the United States. New approaches for making biodiesel from algae are being explored, but they arc likely decades away from mass production. Until then, biodiesel's limited availability and higher cost will keep it a bit player.

Bio Diesel from

In addition to the extra filters, die conversion by Ciceley Commercials involved fitting a larger sump and a separate fuel tank with an integral heater element for the biodiesel, plus a smaller tank to carry a stock of regular diesel. As the pressure to secure more sustainable forms of fuel for the road haulage industry gathers pace, John Miller Transport of Sandysyke, Longtown in Cumbria has entered into a mutually advantageous conn-act with Argent Energy of Motherwell that has opened up an environmentally friendly source of fuel for its fleet of Mercedes-Benz Actros tanker u'ucks. These in turn make daily bulk collections and deliveries of the same biofuel product for Argent Energy. Pure biodiesel made from tallow (a waste product of die meat food industry) and vegetable oil is used to power four Actros tractors that have been specially converted to run on this type of renewable fuel. Last year we secured a contract with Argent Energy to collect waste fats for processing, says Davie...

Jay Leno Gets A Racetrack

Look for the Green Car Challenge to become a regular segment on the new The Jay Leno Show. Don't care about alternative fuel That's OK just be excited that car racing will now be on prime time TV. Celebrities will compete against each other on a racetrack that was built right next to the studio where Leno will tape.

Chrysler Aspen Hybrid

ALONG WITH biofuel-capable dieseis, Chrysler has developed hybrid SUVs that are already on sale. The Aspen shown here (and its sister ship, the Dodge Durango Hybrid) is a true hybrid. It's able to operate at speeds up to 30 mph on battery power alone and has regenerative brakes and a stop start system. The 300-volt battery pack is stored under the back seat. The gasoline engine is the 5.7 multidisplacement V-8, which can shut down cylinders when demand is light. The two technologies together yield an EPA rating of 20 city and 22 highway, a significant improvement over the 13 18 mpg the standard model is rated. Because of that, the Aspen Durango hybrid can qualify for a federal tax credit of up to 2200.

The car of the future

The range extender is a perfect trade-off, with a battery bigger than a hybrid's but smaller than a pure EV's, it gives the best of both worlds. It can be cheaper than an EV too, because a small engine costs less than a big battery. And because average commutes are relatively short, it can operate mostly as an EV, charged from the mains and topping up as it goes. Expensive biofuels become a more realistic option too, because so much less will be used.

Key Indicators October 2010

And apart from automakers offering cars that look smashing, are lighter, more efficient and safer, the stage is being set to introduce a host of new hybrid and electric technologies that will change the way we use fossil fuel and, most likely, how we plan our travel. It's a fast evolving world out there, split along a whole lot of new lines - cheap and cheerful, big and efficient, premium and alternative.

Air Suspension Systems

Rubitrux Aev Wrangler Conversions

The most advanced and revolutionary vehicle ever. Highly maneuverable both on and off the road. 1,100-Mile range with bio-diesel capable power plant, 44 inches of independent wheel travel, driver activated suspension controls that allows the driver to literally step over objects. To reserve one, visit 1966 TLC ICON. Resto-mod based on FJ40 Toyota. Handcrafted to highest standards. 2.8L Turbo Bio-Diesel, 5-speed trans. Original double C-channel frame, reinforced, modified, powder coated. Can't be complete here, go to web site for the whole story on this incredible vehicle. You won't find one more perfectly equipped and cared for. Offered at 75,000. Call Alan at (727) 804-8841or e-mail alan

The Same Powerful Lobby Groups

That had scuppered the Auckland V8 street race once again felt the need to flex their muscles. 'Motorsport is a shameful waste of our fossil fuels,' they declared. 'The pollutant gases despoil our environment and befoul our atmosphere. We will not support any mayoral candidate who does not endorse our stance.'

First Factory Built Hybrid Karma

Fuel Doctor injector cleaner fuel stabiliser controls condensation and oxidization during storage whilst also cleaning carburetors & injectors Fuel Doctor injector cleaner fuel stabiliser controls condensation and oxidization during storage whilst also cleaning carburetors & injectors

Broader View Of

Dan Gurney All American Racers Book

For example, BEVs arc the most independent of fossil fuel. But don't forget the clcctric utility and its fuel sources. Also, note that BEVs have yet to prove their consumer appeal in extremes of climate. Will Duluth or Las Vegas be among those initial deployment communities And if not, why would the entire country be expected to support what may ultimately be only niche markets At opposite ends of the EV spectrum, both HEVs and FCEVs appear to handle temperature extremes just fine the latter, albeit with other significant challenges of infrastructure.

Redline Edition Holdens

Holden has added a new Redline Edition to its V-Series Commodore range. Intended for enthusiast drivers, says Holden, Redline Edition models offer high-level braking and handling capabilities to match their powerful 6.0-litre V8 engines. Holden engineers developed a track-inspired FE3 sports suspension setup to complement the extra stopping power of four-piston Brembo front brakes. The Redline Edition range is notable for its forged and polished 19-inch alloy wheels, matched to low profile tyres. All Redline Editions are compatible with bio-ethanol and can run anything up to an 85 percent ethanol to 15 percent petrol mix.

Mclaren Supercar Aims At Ferrari

Driving on the hazardous frozen waters of the Baltic Sea off the coast of his home country and using E85 bio-ethanol, the all-wheel drive, six-litre, 12-cylinder Bentley allowed Kankkunen to break his own 2007 world ice speed record of 321.6 km h set in the Continental GT at the same location. Fuel Doctor injector cleaner fuel stabiliser controls condensation and oxidization during storage whilst also cleaning carburetors & injectors


THE Mercedes B-Class, mooted for launch next year, could go on sale in the US, where their rnonobox design of the mini-MPV has been met with some enthusiasm. Company bosses want to push the car into as many markets as possible. Mew variants are expected to join the standard hatchback in the range, including a sports hatch to rival the BMW i Series, and a four-door saloon with sportier coupe styling. Newdieseland petrol engines are also expected. The B-Class could also be used as a showcase for alternative fuel technology,

Harry Viener

Jojoba oil could be used as an alternative to soy biodiesel fuel because it's cheap and produces no sulfur oxides. The jojoba scrub is a native to Arizona, New Mexico, and California. It can grow to more than six feet in height and lives 150years. The nut has an oil content of more than 50 percent, which makes it ideal for farm production, and it's carbon neutral, so it helps the environment. Jojoba oil is more similar to sperm-whale oil and human sebum than to traditional vegetable oils and is used mainly in the cosmetics industry.

Forschools Program

MEET KENTUCKY'S KY BIOFUELS FOR SCHOOLS PROGRAM, born from a TogetherGreen fellowship (an Audubon and Toyota partnership). It's all about educating the kids on biofuels and giving the high schools the resources to teach about and use biofuels within the schools and communities, with the goal of improving Kentucky's environment. Fol-Q II Q low the program's progress O 11 KJ LO on Facebook.

Window Regulator

The increasing use or addition of biofuels is placing particular demands on fuel filters. Biodiesel binds water more strongly than conventional diesel fuel, making water separation much more difficult. Furthermore, biodiesel constituents block the fuel filter more quickly. Decomposition of biodiesel itself can affect the filter housing and seals, which can lead to carbonisation in the injection nozzles. This is why Bosch diesel filters for biodiesel applications are manufactured using special sealing and housing material and improved filter media. In addition, as filter heating is even more important when using biodiesel, Bosch has developed diesel filters with active and passive heating that prevents blockage of the filter.


Regarding the failure of Washington to include propane in bills promoting natural gas and electric vehicles, Joe Thompson, president of Roush CleanTech, said, While we commend the goals of S.3815 and S.3495 to reduce our dependence on foreign oil, we are disappointed that it does not support the inclusion of all alternative fuels.


There's no denying it, things are changing. There are more hybrid vehicles on the road now than ever before and car manufacturers are all spending vast amounts of money 011 researching alternative fuels and ways to make their production cars ever-greener. It's understandable too, with a finite amount of fossil fuels available and their ever-increasing prices, it's fair to say that we could all do with a viable alternative. It's a scary thought though, especially for petrol heads who can't imagine a world where the relative silence of an electric engine replaces the roar of a V8, the Greater economy, alternative fuels but is the future a bleak place


Toyota has a stated goal to sell one million hybrids a year as soon as possible this decade, and to offer a hybrid version in every model series during the 0 0s This is a noble objective, but in the meantime, there is tremendous activity amongst the worldwide competition to introduce plug-in electric vehicles, and to expand the use of alternative fuels such as Ethanol, CNG, LNG and LPG. The potential for fuel cells, and hydrogen as a base fuel, should also not be discounted.

Mediumsized Magic

Ast your minds back just a ccuple of years to when John Howard was in Government and ethanol started to make its appearance as an alternative fuel, or, to be more precise, an addition to fuel. The media pack howed that it would damage your car, kil your chickens and render your bul s impotent, also espousing that its production would be at the expense of food crops.

Future Provisions

The possibility of extending the use ot waste fat derived biodiesel is under consideration for other vehicles in the company's fleet, Including those used for timber and general haulage operations. In addition, a 40,000-gallon biodiesel storage tank is set to be installed at the firm's Sandysyke depot in the near future to ensure the fleet has easy and regular access to a supply ot the specialised fuel. need to purge the fuel system of biodiesel at the end of the working day by switching back to ordinary diesel, in preparation for starting the engine on the following day. Mike Brown, one of the drivers, demonstrated how easily this is achieved - and he added driving his Actros on biodiesel was just the same as any of the other Actros in the fleet that's running on normal diesel. The fuel management system does not require modification other than inputting the changeover to biodiesel on the Euro 5 rated U'ucks, which were designed to run on biofuel. John Miller Transport believes this...

Coop Off The Grid

An important fact to remember about gas turbines is that to a certain extent they are fuel-tolerant. In principle, therefore, any fuel - be it diesel, bio-diesel, LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) or even hydrogen - could be used without major modifications required. This could go some way to warding off those who claim that Formula One is far from environmentally friendly, no matter how green it is dressed up to be.


Shell is something of a giant in the world of fuels and lubricants. The company has been dealing with oil since the 19th century and its logo - slowly evolving as time goes on -has been a common sight at circuits since the very birth of motorsport. These days its presence is as strong as ever, with an active role in Formula One, NASCAR, sportscar racing and virtually everything in between. Recent firsts for the company Include the introduction of trackslde analysis and advanced biofuels to Formula One, the development of fuel friction modifier technology for both race and road engines, and introduction of cellulosic ethanol to the Le Mans 24 Hours.

E85 Fuel

OBB Tuning is never satisfied with results that are good enough and they live to experiment. In the environmentally conscious Pacific Northwest, home of the COBB Tuning Surgeline Facility, they have a ready supply of E85 fuel, or orn juice as It Is commonly referred. E85 is a blend of 85 ethanol and 15 gasoline. Originally developed as a bio-fuel for flex fuel, E85 has become the alternative fuel of choice for performance enthusiasts - who knew Tine appeal of this blofuel comes from its high octane compared to regular pump fuels - 91 to 94 compared to 105, plus it has a very low price compared to high octane race fuels. In many parts of the USA, E85 costs as lillle as S2.00 per yalluri. When

Power Play

To provide heavy-duty disciples with lionhearted performance and durability, both Silverado HD powertrains are thoroughly upgraded. The Duramax 6.6-liter turbo-diesel and Allison 1000 six-speed transmission combine to deliver more power and torque, lower emissions, quieter operation, enhanced durability, and an 11 percent increase in fuel economy. Internal components are tougher and better lubricated for the long haul. Fuel-injection pressure is 15 percent higher for improved combustion. Two new features are an exhaust brake to slow the vehicle on long grades without tapping the brake pedal and the ability to use B20 biodiesel fuel. To handle the greater torque produced by the Duramax engine, the Allison 1000 six-speed automatic has stronger internal components. Spin losses are reduced for improved operating efficiency. The gasoline-fueled Vortec 6.0-liter V-8 now has extra low-rpm torque that's especially noticeable when towing. The six-speed Hydramatic transmission mated to this...

Swift Enterprises

It seems everywhere you go in motorsport people are talking about alternative fuels. But making the switch isn't always easy -they can be costly, they usually require Swift 110, as the fuel is known, Is described as a second or third generation biofuel (depending on whose definition you use). First generation fuels such as bioethanol or biodiesel are produced by fermenting an alcohol. This is a process which requires a large energy input due to the high proof alcohol that needs to be distilled and, once it's done, the final product still needs to be combined with petroleum to some extent before it's ready to be used in a conventional engine. Swift Enterprises claims to have addressed both these issues, and its 110 biofuel is thought to be the only direct 'drop in' replacement for high-octane gasoline on the It may be a tricky balancing act, but it's one Swift Enterprises claims to have down to a fine art. Of the 44 parameters set by the ASTM for aviation fuel - motor octane number,...


The Mitsubishi Concept PX-MIEV Is powered by a new Mitsubishi Plug-in Hybrid system, which primarily operates in EV mode, but extends the range through the use of a petrol engine if required. While the new technology is an Important step forward for the evolution of an alternative fuel vehicle, staying with pure electric power and being able to sell stored energy back to an electricity grid is a more valuable solution and doesn't confuse the situation by trying to merge or blend different technologies.


Mercury 1963 Comet S-22 convertible, Cyclone V8, auto, cold a c, disc brakes, bucket seats, console, power top, fully restored solid southwestern car, great driver, rare, fully optioned, numbers matching, quick, sporty, 16,500. Don, 573-424-0089, MO dscott Mercury 1963 Comet S-22 convertible, Cyclone V8, auto, cold a c, disc brakes, bucket seats, console, power top, fully restored solid southwestern car, great driver, rare, fully optioned, numbers matching, quick, sporty, 16,500. Don, 573-424-0089, MO dscott


Pricing of the VE Series II models carries over, which means the only adjustment will be October's 2.5 per cent rise in GST, the month the cars go on sale. The sedan range will kick off at 49,990 for the 3.0 Omega, and rise to 75,290 for a V8 Redline Edition Calais V Series Sportwagon. The highlight of the drive programme through the Adelaide Hills, the latter proved to be a compelling combination of luxury and sportiness, with genuine fossil fuel-saving potential - Paul Owen PC

Efi Vs Carbs

Components tend to separate when the mixture has to change direction, causing air fuel separation. Poorly designed single-plane manifolds at high speeds can often suffer from fuel actually collecting in puddles on the manifold floor that then travel in tiny streams into certain cylinders, causing air fuel ratio difficulties. On the plus side, carburetors introduce the fuel much farther upstream than multipoint fuel injection, using this early introduction to help reduce inlet air temperature because the fuel tends to pull heat out of the incoming air. This is especially prevalent with alcohol fuels such as ethanol and methanol. Basically, if the carb and manifold are properly designed, they are difficult to beat in terms of overall WOT power. However, carburetors suffer from a lack of feedback that keeps the air fuel ratio lean during part-throttle conditions. This hurts emissions and fuel economy.

Tduring Cars

Honorary president of the MIA, said 'Drayson Racing have paved the way in green racing over the past four years with second generation biofuels and we have been looking at electric vehicle technologies for a while, waiting for the technology to mature and for the right time to enter this exciting new field. The team at VCUP have taken a bold step forward to create the world's first electric racing series, we want to be part of it and we want to win it '

Utah Coloraoo Boroer

There's little hint that this thing weighs two and a half tonnes or more rwo-up, loaded with camera gear and brimmed with unleaded (it'll also run on bio-ethanol) and the front and rear of the car are so in tune that the Supersports seems to do everything just as you ask it, no slack, all of a piece. And it's so easy to drive.

Guide to Alternative Fuels

Guide to Alternative Fuels

Your Alternative Fuel Solution for Saving Money, Reducing Oil Dependency, and Helping the Planet. Ethanol is an alternative to gasoline. The use of ethanol has been demonstrated to reduce greenhouse emissions slightly as compared to gasoline. Through this ebook, you are going to learn what you will need to know why choosing an alternative fuel may benefit you and your future.

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